Asked to increase hours: ask the expert

I have been working part-time at a company (one day a week) for one and a half years now. I also hold a second job (four days a week). The first company (one day a week ) has said that due to increased business and the need for restructuring, my role has to be extended to include my original duties plus extra responsibilities and needs to be for at least four days a week. They have offered me the new position, but the salary for this position they are offering is not so high. Please can you let me know what my rights are? I have no written contract. Can they ask me to leave ? Can I stay part-time? Am I entitled to redundancy pay?

Firstly, not signing a contract makes no difference – the contract is the arrangement in place and being implemented by both parties, not the bit of paper (although the employer should have supplied that by law).

You don’t have the service required for a redundancy payout, but the employer should still follow the correct procedure on consulting over changes to terms and conditions regardless. Part of the consultation is looking at how to avoid a redundancy dismissal, for instance, you could suggest a job share. If they don’t follow a proper consultation procedure etc you could have a claim, but you would have no entitlement to statutory redundancy pay.


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