Dave Chaplin

Dave Chaplin is CEO of ContractorCalculator.co.uk. He has lived and breathed contracting since he first took the plunge and became a professional contractor in 1997. Dave then spent seven years working as an IT contractor in the City of London on critical, cutting edge IT infrastructure and development projects for global players. Since launching ContractorCalculator in 2004, Dave has consulted with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs on the future of IR35 and on tax simplification. He has become a contracting guru influencing new generations of contractors through ContractorCalculator.co.uk and the popular Contractors’ Handbook. He has also been a regular participant in industry-shaping events, and Dave regularly lectures and presents on successful contracting. He has joined Workingmums’ expert panel, so if you have any queries about contracting, you can email him there.

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