Shân Veillard-Thomas

CMC-accredited mediator as well as a working mum, Shân is well equipped to understand the prevention and resolution of disputes at every level within companies. Shân brings a wealth of expertise and experience to The Legal Partners where she heads the Mediation Service. She is passionate about sharing with employees and employers the power of workplace mediation to solve disputes quickly and effecively. She helps employers and employees to mediate disputes and avoid the cost and disruption of Employment Tribunals. An experienced international executive coach, Shân also advises on settlement agreements; helping senior executives to get the best deal when negotiating settlement agreements with their employer. Her conflict resolution skills have been honed across a full career spanning many years as Officer with the British Army, as a Legal Translator at Linklaters in Paris and London, and as an Executive Coach in international law firms and investment banks, at the same time running a home and family, in many different countries. In her coaching capacity, Shân has helped many Lawyers and Managing Directors make the transition to becoming effective leaders in their fields. All of her roles have added practical weight to her academic studies in law and mediation and informed and shaped her conflict resolution skills. Shân speaks fluent French, understands Spanish and Italian and learned Malay and has lived and worked in Europe, the UAE, and South East Asia.

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