Avengers End Game was three hours long, but it had something for everyone.


I’m not really one for superheroes, but only son has been desperate for Avengers End Game to arrive for months. I was dragged into going to Captain America Civil War a few years back because daughter one had a thing about Chris Evans at the time and I didn’t understand a word of it.

So I’ve been watching a few of the prequels with only son in preparation for End Game. In a house dominated by the GCSEs, it feels like a form of revision. However, my partner has been otherwise occupied with the Spanish elections and has missed out.

So on Saturday morning, a few hours before a family outing to the cinema, I got him to sit down and watch a 15-minute Youtube backgrounder which daughter three had found. “If you watch this, you will understand the whole film,” I assured him. Within five minutes of a fairly rapid and complicated introduction to the first films, my partner turned to me: “It’s three hours and I think I will have a great siesta.”

I was fairly confident that I had the basics of who was good, who was bad and at least some of the relationship stuff – the bits that don’t involve explosions and infinity stones, etc. I felt ready. I booked the tickets because daughter three said quite a few people in her school had already seen it by Friday and there were many more intending to go.

She gets a bit anxious in public spaces so was keen to get into the cinema in case people spotted her. The shopping centre was about twice as full as usual. I’ve never seen so many teenage boys at the shops on a Saturday afternoon.

Armed with supplies for the three-hour film [“it’s shorter than Titanic, mum” – said only son encouragingly], we went for the 3D version. Everyone was advised to go to the toilet before the film and we sat back to take it in. I am not going to give away the plot – although I am not sure I understood it entirely – but it went by fairly quickly and was definitely what you might call epic. My partner only looked like he was nodding off once in a rare slower part. Only son went to the toilet several times. I have never seen anyone go to the toilet so fast. He was back in superhero-like seconds. He cried at two parts, once from joy and once from grief. He needed a bit of a hug to come to terms with that part of the storyline.

There were definitely moments of sadness and moments of punch the air Yeses and it ended on a very human note. These people may be superhuman, but the best bits are the human parts. It was about loss and memory and relationships as well as explosions and monsters.

Daughter two had declined to come as she had a better offer to see it with a friend. Daughter one was at work and was a bit annoyed that she missed out. She is planning to take only son to the 2D version. The only problem is that only son is not good at keeping secrets. Having been told not to say anything about the plot, he marched into the house giving away the main plot line, the thing that had so upset him.

For him these superheroes are real. Spiderman [aka daughter two in a costume] came to his birthday party on two occasions. They are his friends and his protectors, his role models as it were. The thing now is to convince him that everyone has the power to do good things and protect each other and the Earth – that we don’t have anyone in a strange costume, just ourselves, to save the world.

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