Back to the school run

The school run is back and so are the roadworks…

Illustration showing parents dropping children off at school


How long have the schools been back? It feels like forever and work cranked up as soon as September 1st loomed on the calendar.

The first day was consumed by the Raac scare. Apparently our school was on The List, but was ahead of the game because it had found the Raac earlier in the year. Then the school announced that the road to the school was going to be closed for a week. That meant a bit of a detour down country lanes. The school said we should all drop off in a road on the other side of the school which has a car park full of potholes – when I last went – and room for about five cars and is in a cul-de-sac. I envisaged carnage. In the event all the other parents arranged alternative pick-up places so the carnage was just displaced. I too arranged another spot to pick up only son, but he forgot so I had to go round and round the village instead trying to find him. This is when I regret living in the countryside with no easy route to the school via public transport.

The good news is that by Tuesday evening we had been sent an email from the school to say that the road wasn’t in fact closed this week. It will be closed next week. NOOOO. I think they purposefully wait until the school term starts to do roadworks. Today there were about three separate roadworks to negotiate.

One day I will miss the school run. It is really the only break in my day and getting only son to say something, anything, about his day is a challenge that I will never give up on. “Best lesson of the day?” I inquire. “Low spot of the day?” “Best teacher of the day?” “Read any good books?” The latter results in a withering look.

In any event, by the time I pick him up only son is wearing his headphones and has filtered me out. I think the headphones have actually become a part of his body. He says he is listening to music. I ask if he will share it with the car. Nope. If he’s like this at 13 what will 15 or 16 be like? I recall my brother basically grunted his way through his mid teens and I had to interpret what he meant. Now you can’t stop him talking so it clearly did him no long-term harm. And very entertaining he is too.  That’s not to say that only son doesn’t have his moments, just not on the school run.


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