Back to work after a career break: ask the expert

I last worked in December  2002 before I had my first child. I have taken a course in customer  service, which leads to a level 2 Asset Certificate in customer services and am looking for work, with no luck so far. Any ideas?

You need to really understand why you decided to embark on a customer service course in the first instance.  The reason for this is that we find so many people think that if they get a qualification this will enable them to secure a job more easily.

You then need to clarify and target your job search and take some time out to research companies you would like to work for.  Also, customer service is such a varied career path and involves almost all industry sectors.  Therefore, you should decide what area of customer service you want to work in.  It would be of great benefit for you to embark on some career coaching in order for you to gain that clarity and effectively target your job search.  A career coaching company like A Brave New World would enable you to do this and also enable you to target your applications using a strong cv.

It would be advisable to fully understand the implications of returning to work and include child care issues particularly during holiday periods in your planning.  This will also incorporate child care costs etc.

From A Brave New World. We are specialists in getting mums back to work – work that is meaningful and which will take into account their childcare needs.  We have been working with mums returning to work for many years now and we understand the barriers and confidence blockers placed before them.  We will be able to help you gain that confidence and find that worthwhile job. We are offering a 10% discount for the months of July and August for all mums who embark on our career coaching courses.

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