Back to work, but my experience is in India

I am 36 years old and have been a full-time mum since 2011. I have Masters degree in computer science. I worked for more than five years in IT industry. Mainly I worked as a Oracle PLSQL developer and application support. My skill set includes Unix, Shell scripting, Oracle,Pl/sql,Oracle Forms. All my experience is from India. I have not worked in the UK to date. Now I want to get back to work, but I have found it very difficult with this huge gap and limited skill set. I need your advice on how to get back to career and what I should do to get into market. Do I need to do any courses? I am an average English speaker.

It can be difficult getting back into work after a career break and being a full -time mum.
The job market is a tough one at the moment and if English is not your first language I guess even harder.

However, you have your Masters degree and this shows you are more than capable of working hard to achieve your goals.

I think taking some courses is a great idea as this will build your confidence in what you have to offer any potential employer. You say you are an average English speaker so I am guessing this would be a good place to begin. Most employers require at the very least GCSE English and Maths.
Have you checked out what courses are available in your area?

Courses are available at different levels and you can take them at your local:
– further education colleges
– adult education centres
– some libraries
– other training providers

For further help and support take a look at:

This website is full of advice and guidance. You can chat with a career adviser, search for courses in your area, build a cv and lots more.

Alternatively you can call them for free on 0800 900 100.

I trust this will get you moving in the right direction. Good luck.

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