Batteries not included



Happy New Year! In the Cahill household, it was spent with friends and family and I for one am glad it’s done and dusted for another year! Don’t get me wrong, spending time with everyone is a real pleasure, but there comes a point where all parents know that going back to work may not be the worst idea.

Our routines have all kicked back in now and the school run is in full swing. Playgroups, dance and swimming lessons all primed and ready for action! It’s like we were never off.

One memory from my own childhood came back to me over the holiday when my children were opening their presents. It was the excitement of looking at the packaging, wondering what was inside, unwrapping the gift getting more excited with every rip. A first peak, is it what was expected? Final rip and there it is, the best thing ever…for ten minutes! “Mummy…Daddy…it needs batteries…can I please have some?!”

Ah…batteries not included? We don’t have any…do we? Look high and low, are there any shops open? It can wait…but the excitement has now passed and the next present is open and on it goes.

It’s a bit like my own job hunt. You hear about a job. Oh, that sounds interesting. Let’s speak with the employer to get a better feel of what they want. Go for the meeting, build the rapport. It’s all going swimmingly. Get the offer. Accept the offer. Then wait…nothing. Call back…it’s holiday season so everyone’s busy or away. Get to the New Year only to chase again and be told that they feel that I’ve had second thoughts after I asked a question about annual leave and pension entitlement! That really did happen…It was getting exciting for a minute, but then, it’s over and the job’s gone!

Why are batteries never included?

*Dad in the Park is Richard Cahill, dad of two.

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