The best shares to buy if you’re thinking long-term

When you are thinking about investing for the future and holding onto your portfolio, specialists recommend you think regarding 10-15 years – at least this is what Warren Buffet suggests.

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For families and more seasoned investors who want to focus on businesses that would stand the test of time and not on how they do today. In this framework, we will discuss the best shares to buy if you are thinking long-term and build an efficient portfolio for the upcoming years.


What once started as an online bookseller is now one of the most relevant tech giants in the world. From disrupting the very idea of reading to experimenting with 3D smartphones, Amazon had its fair share of controversy and public debate. However, Amazon is going strong, especially on the digital personal assistant front, with Alexa being a serious competitor to Siri’s reign.

For shareholders, Amazon is a safe bet in the long run: last year, Amazon touched the $1 trillion evaluation (becoming thus the second company in the U.S. to grasp this threshold); the company never took a significant dive in recent times, while the stock price reached unprecedented highs in 2018.

The purchase of Whole Foods and the changes Amazon makes to the retail chain are also dominant signs that investing in Amazon may lead to progressive gains for investors, no matter if the market as a whole will go through its regular ups and downs.


Do you imagine a life without the Google Search Engine? Would there be an Internet or an online experience in the absence of the tech giant? Sure, you can use other search engines, but Alphabet consists of more than Google. It also has YouTube, the Android phone system, and the driverless car. It also had its fair share of flops – like the Nest thermostat or the infamous Google Glass, but Alphabet offered its investors returns of up to 230%.

Some of the best shares to buy if you build an investment strategy for the ages, GOOGL is here to stay and make even more money, as the driverless car can lead to massive rewards as both investors and the driving public opens up to the idea.

Berkshire Hathaway

Since we were mentioning Warren Buffet in the beginning and his rules of investing in the long run, we undoubtedly have to list Berkshire Hathaway as a critical part of your long-term investment portfolio. The company offers Class A shares – at astronomical prices – and Class B ones, at very affordable prices. Investing in Berkshire means more or less putting your money on Buffet himself.

According to analysts, if you bought BRK.A stocks five years ago, today you would have double the money. A nice thought, especially if you consider the company has over $500 billion market cap. If you contemplate making investments in “forever companies,” you should consider Berkshire, as it covers a handful of immortal sectors and industries (think about insurance utility companies, banks, railroads, consumers’ goods, and the aerospace sector, among others).

Even with small registered dips here and there in the last two years, Berkshire will offer you exposure to colossal rainmakers such as Apple, Bank of America, and Coca-Cola – in other words, an investment to consider for the upcoming decades.


It all started with a man drawing mice for a living. Disney owns and controls a huge part of your entertainment today, and it is expanding. Since Goofy, Cinderella or Luke Skywalker will not ask for a raise soon, you know that Disney is here to stay. With its studios, video games franchises, movie franchises, music, theme parks, cruise ships, TV stations, and merchandise to sell for the ages, Disney makes more money in a day than other companies make in a decade.

Investors, however, warn about Disney’s market cap – evaluated at about $150 billion –, which for many may be right on the brink of their comfort zone. However, with its balance sheet and A++ rating for financial growth, Disney is a dream came true if you focus on making money outside the box. The recommendation is – nonetheless – to involve a finance expert or a broker to help you navigate the stock market with lower risk.


The last name on our list is a company expected to go public this year. IPOs are usually tricky investments, as you never know if they will stand the test of time or resist the (sometimes)-dramatic changes on the market. This year will be one of turmoil – think about Brexit, the American-Chinese trade war, the FED shenanigans, and the general political and economic commotion plaguing not only Europe but also the entire world.

Nevertheless, Palantir may be a safe choice. It is a tech unicorn (data mining) and one with strong governmental and corporate ties. It is a somewhat mysterious player on the market, but the one hailed as “vital” for the tracking of Osama bin Laden. Nobody knows for sure when and if it will offer IPO opportunities of investment, but keep an eye on it nonetheless.

Bottom Line

When you consider the future of your investment, tested-and-true companies, especially ones active in the “forever industries” may be your safest approach to buying shares. On the other hand, new companies in the IPO wave of this year may also provide you with promising gains. They come with some risks, however, and experts do not recommend beginner investors to start their portfolios with IPOs.

What experts do recommend is easing into the trading business by starting with Forex. One of the best parts of learning Forex trading is that you can use a demo account first – with no real money from your part – to gain experience. You have many resources to learn Forex for beginners, to get the hang of it, make some virtual money, understand how things work, and then up your ante with the stock market.

Learn everything you can about the market and get all the help you need from brokers and shares/trading specialists! The most successful investor is not the one having “gut feelings,” but the one having information and practice.

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