Brewing company offers extra two weeks’ life leave

Brewing company announces extra two weeks of ‘life leave’ on top of annual leave.

Moving house


Employees at Molson Coors Brewing Company in the UK and Ireland will be offered up to two weeks paid annual ‘life leave’ anything from moving house to studying for an exam.

The policy, called ‘Life Leave’, is being rolled out this month forms a key part of the brewer’s new ‘Moments that Matter’ programme, which has been designed to offer employees an industry-leading approach to work life balance.

Employees will be able to use Life Leave on top of their existing holiday entitlement and all other leave policies, including sickness and compassionate absence. Life Leave can be used for the significant moments in life and could be anything from taking time to settle in a new puppy at home, moving house, studying for exams, or the days leading up to a wedding.

Phil Whitehead, Managing Director UK & Ireland, at Molson Coors, said: “The way we all work has changed. For our people to perform at their best, we recognise they need an employer that provides flexibility and understands their personal priorities. There are often things going on in our lives which we would normally use annual leave to sort out, but this eats into actual downtime. We wanted to change that and give our people the ability to take care of what matters in their life without running down holiday days.”

Molson Coors employs over 2,000 people around the UK and has received a Silver accolade from mental health charity, MIND, in their annual Workplace Wellbeing Index.

Life Leave will be drawn down by employees annually on top of their standard 31 days of annual leave, including bank holidays.

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