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It’s sometimes hard to know where to start or what to write when writing marketing-related copy, whether it’s for marketing emails, adverts or for your website. Here are some tips that can help you put together effective communication – with the objectives of building confidence in your brand and making a sale.

1. Ask yourself why am I writing this piece of material and who is it for? Write down what you want to achieve and keep referring to it, sometimes its easy to lose sight of the objectives.

2. Keep it interesting and relevant.

3. People are interested in what your product or service can do for them, how it can make their life easier, how it will improve their life either at home or at work. Make the benefits really obvious.

4. Consider your tone of voice, how do you want your company to come across and what will your potential customers respond to. Avoiding jargon or clever words will make it easier for them to read and understand.

5. Avoid writing too much, get straight to the point. And make sure you have a simple message.

6. Remember what your company stands for, i.e. quality, efficiency and make sure any copy reflects this.

7. Use your logo where you can as this is your brand identity. Often people will not buy into a product or service until they have seen the brand a few times, it builds confidence in your business. Also use a strapline to remind people what you are all about.

8. It maybe that you are targeting different groups of people with different needs, write different copy for each to ensure it remains relevant. Sometimes it’s easier to write one piece of copy but it can end up being too general and not really appealing to anyone.

9. It’s no secret that word of mouth advertising is extremely powerful, and testimonials from satisfied customers go along way to building confidence in a product or service. Use these where you can (including in emails). If your customer does not have time to write it, put something together based on what they have told you about your product and/or service and ask whether they are happy to for you to use this. Get testimonials that support your messages – if you are saying that you are efficient then get a testimonial that supports this.

10. Also use statistics where you can as its evidence that the product/service works/actually provides the benefits stated – people like to feel safe when they make a purchase, especially if you are selling business to business.

11. Have a strong call to action (what you want the reader to do next), don’t have lots of different options. If you do want people to contact by telephone however, do add in an email address as not everyone likes calling in the first instance.

12. The obvious, make everything look professional, no one wants to do business with someone with an unprofessional website or marketing material that has spelling mistakes. It’s worth spending a bit more time to get it right as you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

13. Show marketing copy to others, and ask them what the message is and what they think they should do next. Does it match your brand and objectives?

14. Finally, be consistent, if you are writing an email about benefits of your service make sure your website and other marketing material says the same thing.

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