Businesses urged to reduce carbon footprint through flexible working

Campaigners are urging businesses to reduce commuting and unnecessary travel and save on their carbon footprint as part of Green Office Week next month.

The week runs from 13-17 May and each day of the week has a different focus. The Tuesday has been delegated ‘Transport Tuesday’ and emphasises how reducing commuting and unnecessary travel is not only good for people’s work life balance but also for the planet.

It will call on workers to talk to management about whether it’s possible to work from home one day a week and suggest how businesses can reduce unnecessary travel to meetings through setting up conference call facilities.

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Other issues which will be raised include calling on managers to introduce flexitime so staff don’t all travel during peak hours and arrive at the office less stressed.

Transport Tuesday will also include tips on lift sharing into work, healthy alternatives to driving to work and reducing energy and waste bills at work.

The week will include calls to think about how environmental issues can bring a little fun into the office too, for instance, through inviting a local artist of school group to great creative with office waste, or even holding an internal ‘upcycling’ competition to re-use things that would normally be thrown away. And businesses will be encouraged to recycle old equipment by donating it to charity or a local school.

A spokeswoman for Green Office Week says: “It’s all about the little things that work for you. If a green change isn’t feasible or causes extra work and stress then people are probably less likely to change their attitude or stick to it, so Green Office Week asks people just to look at what small, simple steps can be taken on an individual level.”


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