Calculating redundancy pay

Up to the last 10 months I worked full time. I needed surgery earlier in the year so my line manager arranged for me to drop down to a three-day week for three months in the lead-up to the surgery. This was extended to the end of June, all of which was in writing and I signed to agree. However, at the end of June nothing was said so I continued to work three days a week to date. I asked my manager about this and he said it was not a problem if I went to a four-day week.  No- one has ever got back to me so the last thing I signed was for a three-day week ending end of June. I am now being made redundant and they say it will be based on three days a week. Can I insist on my redundancy at four days a week?

Statutory redundancy pay is calculated by reference to a week’s pay on the “calculation date”, which is generally the date at which notice is given.

Unless you return to a 4 day week before the calculation date, redundancy will be calculated according to a three-day week.

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