Call for targets on diversity and inclusion

The next government needs to set targets on diversity in employment, which are proportionate for larger employers and SMEs, and to introduce mandatory company reporting on diversity and inclusion, according to the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion’s Manifesto, launched today.

The Manifesto also calls for the repositioning of parental, maternity and paternity leave as ‘family leave’ and an extension of the provision to include people with caring responsibilities. It is also calling for the proposed tax-free childcare scheme to be extended and widened to include social care costs.

Harry Gaskell, managing partner of EY & chair of enei, said: “This Manifesto addresses our workforce and society today and in the future; it calls for action to bring about accelerated change and a renewed commitment from Government to take accountability for diversity and inclusion in the UK.”

Denise Keating, chief executive of enei, said: “We’re launching this Manifesto on equality and inclusion because our members believe there should be a re-energised approach which holds Government, organisations and individuals accountable for progress.

“Many employers are working hard to make their workplaces inclusive; but increasingly we feel that more needs to come from the government to create the right environment for change to happen.”

Trevor Phillips, deputy chair of the National Equality Standard board and enei trustee, said: “The current data we have on diversity and inclusion underlines the need for bold, ambitious and immediate plans to drive through change in our workplaces and society. This Manifesto sets out a focused and compelling agenda. Many businesses and organisations are ready to change – but government needs to lead from the front, rather than wait for others to act.”


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