Campaign launched for parents of disabled children

All public sector jobs should be advertised on a flexible basis if the Government wants to help parents of disabled children into work, according to Working Families.

It is launching its “Working On” campaign today and calls for changes from government, local authorities, employers and support services to help parents of disabled children combine work and care.

Sarah Jackson, Chief Executive of Working Families  said: “Our survey last year found alarming rates of unemployment and underemployment among parents of disabled children.  Yet most of these parents want to work and so we’re campaigning to ensure that they get the support they need to find, stay and progress in work.

“Working On” will raise awareness of the barriers these parents face, and propose a number of practical changes to support parents to stay in work and keep their families out of poverty”.

The campaign “asks” include:

– a new form of “adjustment leave” to give parents short-term time off work during a disability diagnosis or crisis

– targeted training, advice and job search support for parents wishing to return to work

– more flexible working opportunities and all public sector jobs to be advertised on a flexible basis

– addressing gaps in and expense of specialist childcare provision

– ensuring schools have resources to deal with emergencies so parents are not unnecessarily called in.

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