Campaign launched for women in engineering

A new campaign to encourage companies of all sizes to revisit their approach to recruitment and retention to make sure they are doing everything possible to attract more women into engineering roles has been launched by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

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The IET says only 7 per cent of the total UK engineering workforce is female. It states: “This effectively means that engineering companies are not accessing half of the potential talent pool which, given the impending skills crisis in engineering and technology, makes poor business sense.”

IET Deputy President, Naomi Climer, President of Sony Media Cloud Services, led a 50:50 campaign at her company to create an inclusive and diverse culture.

She says: “Before launching the campaign, we had to highlight that the lack of women was a genuine business concern. To do this we set out a strong and compelling business case. Our focus was that improved gender diversity would lead to more innovation, as well as a more harmonious and collaborative working environment – all of which would ultimately help us maintain our competitive market position.”

The IET campaign, which is calling for other companies to look at how they can make their recruitment and retention more female friendly, is launched on National Women in Engineering Day, which is dedicated to raising the profile and celebrating the achievements of women in engineering.

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