Can my flexible working be cancelled and a new shift pattern imposed?

I have requested flexible working twice, but I never received a new contract even after the first request for flexible working.  My original flexible working request included regular hours and a stipulation to work a nightshift on a Friday or Saturday if it was required. This was agreed and put in place, but no new contract given.  It went well but then I complained because the majority of the shifts I was down to work were every Friday and Saturday night so I reapplied for flexible working again with fixed hours and no more night shifts. This was agreed to start January 2017 but no new contract was issued. They have just announced new shift patterns are starting soon, but my manager hasn’t spoke to me about any of these changes. Since I have never been issued with a flexible working contract I’m not sure where I stand and whether they can just cancel my flexible working.

If flexible working is granted, this is a permanent change to your Contract of Employment. This should be followed up by a letter confirming the change, but your employer need not issue a full new contract. You should be allocated shifts according to your request without the need for a new contract. If you are not, you should refer your manager to your flexible working request and the fact it was granted.

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  • Kelly says:

    I have recently had a flexible working pattern agreed in my job role but another role has become available within the same company but is full time hours and more money. Can I apply for this or does my flexible working agreement stop me from doing so?

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