Can I be forced to move work bases?

I am a health visitor working on a term-time part-time contract  because I have a disabled son and I am also a single parent. I have been required to move bases twice in the past few years for the “needs of the service”. I am about to be asked to move again to a base further from my home and son’s special school. This will make my life impossible as I will not be able to get home in time for his return from school. Further to this I suffer from the after effects of cancer surgery and chemotherapy and this impending request for a new work base will make me even more tired. My contract doesn’t specify work location, but there is a mobility clause.

I am afraid that if there is a contractual mobility clause then your employer is well within their rights to ask you to move. However, if it impacts on you so much, you need to raise this formally with them, either through and consultation process, or by way of a formal grievance.  Given your circumstances, you can state that it is unreasonable for them to ask you to move location so frequently, in such a short space of time.

If you are classed as disabled under the equality act (those with cancer or recovering from cancer are), then you may be able to request that a reasonable adjustment is made to the role in order that you are able to remain a reasonable distance from home.  Furthermore, you could raise an objection on the basis of the fact that you will be unable to care for your son.

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