Can my holidays be reduced if my hours are only reduced temporarily?

I have been suffering with a really terrible pregnancy which has caused so many issues and I have been really unwell. My doctor agreed that, due to my illness, reduced hours would be better for me. My employer agreed to reduce my hours so I now work 3 days a week, starting a little later and finishing a little earlier. I have been doing this for several weeks now and wondered if, when I take my annual leave before my maternity starts, would they be able to reduce my holiday allowance to reflect my reduced hours, even though they agreed it was just to support me through pregnancy and my hours will return to normal upon return from maternity leave.

Maternity leave


This would depend on a few points. Firstly, did your employer say they would reduce your pay so you only get paid for the hours you work? If they did this then I would say it would have an impact on your annual leave and it would be reduced.

You will also need to look at your maternity pay as if your hours/ pay was reduced in weeks 17-25 of your pregnancy then this is when your average earnings are worked out for this. Your company should have discussed your pay and your annual leave then put something in writing on how the reduction will work and how long for.

But in answer to your question they can reduce your annual leave if your hours have been reduced. Although it should only be reduced for the period when her hours are reduced, you have been working the reduced hours and annual leave is also pro rota’d.

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