Can my hours be increased?: ask the expert

I have been working part time since I returned from maternity leave approximately six years ago. Last year our department went through a full restructure and my role no longer existed. I was mapped to another role which was a full-time role. I was given one member of staff to provide support so as to manage the workload as I was still part time. This situation did not work out, the dept head has agreed it is a full time role. They requested I increase my hours which I have declined due to childcare etc. They are removing me from the role and said they will look to redeploy me. However, as the structure was only defined the previous year I am very concerned as to what role can be available. Can they make me increase my hours and what if they redeploy me to a role which is not at the same level?

It appears from your email that you are currently working a part-time role.  There was a restructure and your role no longer existed.  At that stage, your role was redundant because the requirement was for a full time role.  However, you were provided with a member of staff to support you to manage the workload as you were still part-time.  However, this has not worked out, and therefore your part-time role is redundant.  The company is obliged to offer you an opportunity to increase your hours but you are unable to do so because of childcare commitments.  The company should make attempts to redeploy you into another role.  However, the company can only offer you what is suitable alternative employment which is a role at the same level on the same terms.  If this is not acceptable, then your role is redundant and you should seek redundancy pay.

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