Can school only confirm reduced hours on a temporary basis?

My daughter is a head of department teacher and her school have agreed that she can return after maternity part time but just as a teacher. She has accepted that as she does not want to return full time. They have agreed to her days/hours until the summer holidays, but say they cannot confirm days/hours for September until July or August which would leave her no time to arrange adequate childcare. Can they do this?

A request for flexible working results in a permanent change to the contract of employment. If it has been agreed that your daughter work a particular number of hours, or proportion of full time hours (e.g. 0.6 of a full time equivalent teacher), that change should be permanent.

However, many teachers’ contracts will have sufficient flexibility to allow the employer to vary hours according to the timetable in each academic year. If your daughter’s contract has such flexibility, the school would be entitled to vary her days/hours and notify her in line with the contract.

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