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I am a mum of a two year old from India living in the UK. I have 8+ years of work experience in companies like Oracle and VMware as a Data management Analyst and Marketing Operations specialist. These roles are very specific to a particular process. I am unable to find anything similar in UK. My skills are very process-oriented like Salesforce, Oracle, Advance Excel, Eloqua. I am finding it too hard to find jobs in similar areas here in UK. My skills do not match customer service or admin or sales/marketing since I have worked in operations (back end process of finance and sales/marketing). I have contacted the national career advice too, but still am unclear of what to do. I even browsed job match websites etc. What kind of jobs or areas do I need to look at for my skills?

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Your question is an interesting one and I am certain you are not the only one in this situation.

Let’s start first with the National Careers Office. How much did you do with them? Did you speak with an advisor? What did they suggest that was helpful to you? What questions didn’t you ask that could be helpful to you? Have you made a list of all the skills you do have to offer? Which of these skills are transferable? When you browsed job websites what positions  were you attracted to? What do you feel you are missing in terms of skills and experience to apply for these vacancies?

Again the National Careers Office can help with pointing you in the right direction in gaining any qualifications that may help you move closer to gaining employment.

Is it time to start thinking outside the box? You mentioned being in marketing operations what skills can you draw upon to help yourself? The companies you worked for in India, do they have any connections to the UK that could help you? Who do you know who could help you further, organisations or individuals? Have you listed what these doubts that you mention, actually are? What do you need to do to overcome these doubts?

You are clearly a bright and intelligent woman with impressive skills and experience, with some adjustments of your thinking I have no doubt you will be able to gain employment. Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

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