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Despite the economic slump, the childcare industry is booming as more mums are choosing to return to work. At, we’ve seen a 40% increase in the number of parents registering on our site over the last six months. We’re also seeing changes in the type of childcare parents are seeking, with cost and flexibility being key factors in their decision-making.

With more parents choosing to work flexible hours to juggle work and family commitments, there’s more demand for flexible childcare that is tailored to the family’s needs. Rather than battle to secure nursery places, many parents are turning to alternative forms of childcare.

Nannies and babysitters can be flexible with their working hours, can babysit at short notice, and can still take care of a child if they are sick, whereas nurseries will insist children stay at home when they’re ill to avoid making the other children ill. They can also give a child more attention, which can aid their learning and development.

Flexibility is a big advantage for many families, but of course cost remains a concern. Nanny sharing, where a nanny looks after your children and a friends’ children, is becoming more and more popular as it can help keep the costs down. Another barrier can be the cost of paying a childcare agency. At, we’re helping parents to save an average of £1,856 per year, at least, and in some cases, up to £2,600 by cutting out expensive agency fees and empowering parents to find their perfect child carer themselves.

The task of hiring a nanny or babysitter daunting. How do you decide who to trust with something as precious as your children? However, once they’ve found the perfect child carer, many parents tell us what a difference it made.

So if you’re thinking about returning to work in the New Year and are considering a nanny, we have some top tips to help you find the right one for your family:

– Think carefully about the kind of childcare you need. What hours do you need childcare for? Will the nanny be required to do household chores as well as look after your children? Do you want a nanny who is bilingual?Make a list the type of care you require, any qualifications or skills needed and any key personality traits you desire from a carer.

– Plan the interview carefully. Have a clear job description ready and go through the candidate’s CV in advance looking for areas to question him/her on. Prepare a list of questions so you have a structure to follow. It’s a good idea to introduce your children at the end. Watch how the nanny interacts with them and how they respond to the nanny.

– Check references, certificates and ID.

Finally, trust your intuition! A parent’s impression of a nanny candidate can be a telling sign if the nanny is a good fit for the family. If you loved the candidate that you just met, tell them! Don’t lose your opportunity to employ your perfect Mary Poppins!

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