Children, Adults, Teenagers Take Part in Paid Market Research

Children, Adults, Teenagers Take Part in Paid Market Research and Get Paid Generous Cash Incentives For Your Time.

Does you child love talking to other children?
Does your child use the Internet at home and at school?
Or maybe you are an adult with lots of ideas about ways to improve products and services?  

We are researchers (trained in psychology and marketing) who work with children, teenagers, adults, parents, carers…….We arrange fun, informal, lively discussion groups on behalf of big brands who are really interested in hearing your opinions about their products and services.

We work on social and commercial research projects and our aim is to make products and services more people friendly.

We are currently looking for Children in Manchester who are in Year 4 (Piccadilly Gardens, Tuesday 21st March 4:30-5:30pm) and teenagers in London who are in Year 10 (Waterloo, Thursday 23rd May 4.30pm)  to take part in a project on behalf of the BBC. If your child and one of their friends would like to take part, they will be paid £20 for their time and parents will be paid £20 to chaperon their childrenFor further information please call us on:


If you do not fit this profile (perhaps you are an adult) but would like to join our database and receive invitations to our paid research projects please visit.

Manchester Tuesday 21st May

Age:   Year 4 Girls and Boys

Payment: Children will be paid £20 chaperon £20

Venue: Marble Street, M2  (2 minutes walk away from Piccadilly Gardens)

Time:  4:30-5:30pm (there will be some refreshments)

London Thursday 23rd May 4.30pm

Age:   Year 10 Girls and Boys

Payment: teenagers will be paid £30

Venue:  Waterloo, London

Time:  4:30-5:30pm (there will be some refreshments)

Children always enjoy participating in these projects and we hope that your child will consider taking part. Please note we would like your child to choose a friend who is in the same year group (Year 4/10) and is the same sex to come with them (they will also be paid to take part).

For further information please call: 02072634180

Or email a contact telephone number to:

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