Closure at xmas. Should I get those extra days if I am on maternity leave?

I’m currently on maternity leave. My director decides to close branch for Christmas period which means staff will get an extra four days off.  Last year when I booked that time as holiday he gave me those extra days off back to me next year. If he is closing this year am I entitled to have them as extra as well or because I’m on maternity I will miss the extra days?

When you are on maternity leave, if you want to take paid holiday you need to bring your maternity leave to an end.

However, you are entitled to accumulate your holiday and take it outside your maternity leave period. The statutory minimum annual leave is 20 days + 8 bank holidays.

If your contract states that you get 28 days including bank holidays, you are entitled to accrue the full 28 days.

You will normally continue to accrue and benefit from all your usual contractual benefits, except remuneration, during your period of maternity leave. However, this will depend on what your contract says. If your time off at Christmas is part of your contract then you should be entitled to this.

However, if it is at the company’s discretion to give this time off or not you will need to discuss with them if this will form part of your annual leave while you are off.

Unfortunately, the law isn’t clear on this and you will need to discuss this further with your company.

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