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Prima Baby magazine is looking for mums of 4 and unders who have adopted a completely different style of parenting from their own parents and who have been inspired in their parenting style by someone close to them. If you fit the bill, get in touch.

Prima Baby magazine is looking for mums aged 18 – 42 with children/a child aged 4 or under for two articles. If you feel you fit the part, contact Rachel at

Article 1: Has a family member, good friend or some other fabulous person (apart from your own mum, or partner) really inspired your parenting style? Perhaps you like how they parent their own children and have taken tips from them? Perhaps they went through a tough time and have taught you a lot about what it takes to be a mum?
If you want to pay tribute to your “mentor” then we’d love to hear from you. Please let me know who your chosen person is and why, plus how old you are and your children. I also need a photo from you too.
Article 2: Again another feel good article about your family life… Are you bringing up your children in a way that is very different to how you were? Perhaps you were in care as a child and are proud of the happy family you have created with your own children, or maybe you were an only child and wanted lots of siblings so you have a several children?  Whatever your story, please get in contact with the following:a  couple of sentences about why your family is different to how you were brought up, what age you and your child/children are, plus a photo of yourself.

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