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Cool2Care is an new and innovative Social Enterprise, founded by a father of a disabled boy, determined to improve the lives of thousands of disabled children and their families across the UK.

Who We Are?

Sourcing care for your child is a daunting prospect and the impact on families who cannot find or afford childcare for their disabled child can be even more devastating. 80% of families with disabled children experience high levels of stress and 60% live in the margins of poverty. 34% of disabled children live in households where there is no adult in paid work.

Cool2Care is a new and highly innovative Social Enterprise, founded by a father of a disabled boy, determined to improve the lives of thousands of disabled children and their families across the UK. Cool2Care operates a unique service of recruiting, training and placing care-workers and personal assistants to work with families of disabled children and young people with all types of disability, including physical, learning and behavioural conditions.

As a Social Enterprise, we re-invest any profit back into achieving our goals. Our ultimate vision is to enrich the lives of disabled children by providing them with greater stimulation and inclusion. The primary earner suffers less stress and income loss, as a result, of our service. The secondary earner has greater potential to work and spend time outside the home.

Cool2Care also wants to raise the status of this kind of care work. Working with disabled youngsters is fun! All the planning, communication and delivery will demonstrate an image of excellence and quality. It will encourage people to see this as an attractive choice for a gap-year or longer term career. We want families and workers to see caring as “cool” – hence the name “Cool2Care”.

Why Work for Us?

We are an award winning company – we have just been awarded by RADAR the “Doing Care & Support Differently Award 2009” for innovation and focussing on increasing independent living opportunities for disabled people. It is very exciting to work with a company that is undergoing such rapid growth – we already have 12 contracts currently established and plans to add another 30 to that list.

No office so no micro management. Working from home brings some challenges as you need to be very organised but there is also great flexibility in how you plan and carry out your work. We look at your output – not how much time you have spent at your desk.

We do not have a 9 to 5 mentality. Most roles are part-time – we employ people from between 10 hours to 30 hours per week – and, again, these can be worked flexibly. As a result, we may appeal to students or working mums as you may be able to juggle your hours to fit around events like the Nativity Play!

Everyone supports a Local Authority area so you can work within your home town, attending meetings as required. We hold regular team meetings, roughly once every six weeks, so you still get the opportunity to meet and network with your colleagues.

And you will ultimately be helping to improve the lives of lots and lots of disabled children.

The Type of Work Available?

Each Cool2Care contract is supported by a Recruitment Manager and a Family Liaison Manager. These two roles work very closely to support the Local Authority and the families. The Recruitment Manager role, as you would expect, is typically someone with an HR or recruitment background who sources and attracts, screens and selects the care-workers. The Family Liaison Manager role involves closer liaison with the Local Authority, local disability groups and the families to market Cool2Care’s services so should have a marketing and sales background.

We also recruit other roles in areas of Business Development, Training Managers and Volunteer Co-ordinators.

And let’s not forget out Care Workers and PA’s, without whom, there would not be the “care” in Cool2Care.

Cool2Care supports the “Every Disabled Child Matters” campaign Cool2Care CIC is a Community Interest Company, registration no. 6357886

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