Could an au pair solve your childcare problems? puts the case for how au pairs can be a cost effective solution for childcare issues.

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A helping hand

Ever wished you had an extra set of arms and eyes in the back of your head? Well, hosting an au pair can mean exactly that for the busy working mum.

Having an au pair means having someone you can trust to lend a hand and help you with things like making sure the kids have all brushed their teeth before school or packing the healthy snacks you’ve always dreamed they’d eat, but never had the time to make.

An au pair can be an ally who plays with the children while you finally get to take a shower before work or gives you a hand with your toddler while you take your older daughter out for that one on one time you’ve been promising her for weeks.


Whether you work in an office or from your home, an au pair will be able to tailor their services to your family’s needs.

They can make sure the house runs smoothly while you’re at work or help to make sure that working from home doesn’t mean popping the children in front of the TV while you quickly send those emails you’ve been trying to send all morning.

An au pair can take the children to structured activities or keep them busy at home while you work meaning that you can get your work done in the morning and still have uninterrupted, quality time with your children in the afternoon.

Cost effectiveness

While many people think au pairs are too expensive to be considered, they can actually be a very affordable option [European au pairs, with basic to good childcare experience and a fair to good level of English get minimum pocket money of £70 for 25 hours, £85 for 30 hours, £100 for 35 hours].

Au pairs are able to provide services that you would have to pay extra for with other childcare options.

They often help out with light housework, are available to look after younger kids in the morning as well as fetch and supervise the older children after school and alleviate the need for hiring a babysitter on those nights when you and your partner need a well deserved break.

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