CV advice after 15-year career break

I am a mother of three and looking to go back to work. I fear there is something wrong with my CV or the fact I haven’t worked for 15 years is really putting prospective employers off.  Any advice or tips gratefully accepted.

There is advice on the Workingmums’ website and you can find lots of help on It has a CV builder and lots of advice and guidance. Remember to add any volunteering/ help at your children’s school that you may have done.

How can you change your CV to be more attractive to any potential employer? As a mum of three you will have developed lots of skills so remember to add them. Bringing children up is a full-time job so be proud of what you have achieved.

What sort of work are you seeking? What hours do you want to work? Who will be impacted by you working? What are the benefits of you working? Once you are clear on what you want and why you want it and what you have to offer you will be fully motivated to find it. Be proactive and positive in your seeking of a role and I am sure you will be successful. Good luck.

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