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We have created an infographic which highlights our top 6 CV tips for success.

CV Tips & Advice


Our infographic summarises the top 6 CV tips that we have come across. Following these tips could help you land that dream flexible job!

Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for

It is amazing how many people send out the same bog standard CV to every job they apply for. The thing is, one person may have a lot of transferable skills or a range of experience and a recruiter is more likely to look favourably on a CV which highlights the most relevant skills or experience to the particular job they are recruiting for. Lead with those, and your CV is sure to be noticed. Read this article for more about tailoring your CV.

Keep it short and relevant

Most recruiters are very busy, and have a LOT of CVs to look through for each role they recruit for. They don’t want to read through a 4 page essay-style CV. So even if you are the best candidate for the job you might miss out if you go into too much detail. Only include relevant information, and keep it concise. 1- 2 pages should be more than enough to give a flavour of your skill set. education and relevant work experience. Check out this article for more tips on CV formatting.

Lead with a killer personal statement

Once again this is all about getting, and keeping, a recruiters attention. Start strong, and include achievements where possible.

Sell yourself

Lots of people may be competing for the same job, and all of them may have 5 years experience in a relevant field. But what have they achieved? Grab the employers attention by listing what your greatest achievements have been in previous jobs. Did you increase sales by X amount? Perhaps you developed and implemented a brand new filing system which meant the department was more efficient? If you are in a support role perhaps your achievement has been to take on extra responsibilities. Whatever you have done, focus on achievements rather than actions.

Make it interactive

Depending on your field of work it may be possible to make your application interactive. You could include links to shared documents in google drive, or link to a website you have worked on or which displays your portfolio. This can capture interest and make you stand out more for the quality of your work.

Check, check and check again!

Are you telling recruiters you have a good eye for detail? Make sure you prove it by ensuring there are no typos in your application! Spellchecker will only work to a point – you need to proof read your application a few times before submitting to be sure. If two candidates are the same in terms of experience and qualifications, but one of them has a CV riddled with typos, which one is the recruiter going to choose? Quality and attention to detail can be a deciding factor.

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