Do I have to do a trial at a relocated office to get redundancy?

My company announced redundancies when I was pregnant: the offices I worked in were closing and relocating 40 miles away. I was offered a position in the new location in a similar role, but with a lower grade of pay. I am now looking at working again. Can I still take redundancy even though I have not worked the trial they offered me due to the distance travelling each day? I wasn’t keen to take the role and now I don’t want to go back. They have said in the letter if the trial is unsuccessful for any party I can still take my payment and go. How does this work if I don’t want to do the trial?

I’m unclear whether or not you have agreed to do a trial or this was simply offered to you.

Providing you have two years’ service with your employer, you are entitled to a redundancy payment if your position is made redundant unless you refuse suitable alternative employment. You can say that a role with lower pay 40 miles away is not suitable alternative employment. However, if you have originally agreed to trial the new position, you might have difficulty now saying it is not suitable without trying it at all.

I suggest that you contact your employer to confirm that, on reflection, after your change in circumstances and properly understanding your commitments after maternity leave, you do not think that the new role is suitable for you and ask if you can receive the redundancy payment.

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