Do I need to be interviewed for my post on maternity leave: ask the expert

Whilst on maternity leave (I had planned to take the full 52 weeks) my department has been moved out into a separate company. There has been an organisational restructure and a job matching process has been undertaken where all employees’ current job descriptions were matched against jobs in the new structure. The three outcomes of the process were either 1) a direct match and job offered 2) a similar match and invitation to interview for that job or 3) not matched and invited to review remaining posts and apply. My post has been classed as a similar match and I have been invited for interview – however, it has been confirmed that I would be the only person who would be interviewed for the post. I still have another 2 ½ months of maternity leave left. Can my employers force me to interview for a post which is a similar role to the one I was doing (and now no longer exists) where I am the only candidate or should they automatically provide me with a job on similar t&c’s?

In light of the fact that you are still on maternity leave, you should be slotted in to the role that is of a similar nature, particularly as you are the only person who is interviewing for it.
This is in line with Section 10(2) of the Maternity and Paternity Leave Regulations which provides that where there is a suitable alternative vacancy, the employee is entitled to be offered alternative employment.

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