Do I qualify for Maternity Allowance if I do two part-time jobs: ask the expert

I currently work 17 hours in a part-time permanent administration role, and do not earn enough there to qualify for SMP. I have worked there for two years. I also do some temporary work through an agency where some months I only work two days and others I may work seven days.  So far this year I have not paid any tax or National Insurance contributions, but will do at the end of this month as I have worked more hours in my temporary job. Will I qualify for Maternity Allowance even if I have not paid NI contributions every month?

Statutory Maternity Pay eligibility is based on earning what is called the Lower Earnings Level for the 26 weeks leading up to SMP. Currently LEL is £107 per week.

So the basics of SMP are that if you are not paying National Insurance contributions then your employer does not pay you SMP.

If you have multiple employers and the combined income from these jobs take you over the Lower Earnings Limit during the 26-week qualifying period then the SMP would be split between the two employers.

In this case, though, the consistency of work and earnings are likely to be the problem.

However, you will qualify for Maternity Allowance and to claim this you need to contact your local Job Centre Plus.

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