Do you often feel like a clown?

By this I don’t mean daft or with oversized shoes and dodgy make up, I mean it more as in the circus. One of the jobs of a clown is often that of juggling.

As a working mum myself, I am juggling and spinning plates on a daily basis. From the moment the alarm clock goes off it is a case of which client am I working for today and where, what clubs do the children have after school, is it bring something in from home day and then it’s where is my phone so I can check emails. This is usually all before 8am!

Us mums I feel are often too hard on ourselves. We are constantly guilt tripping ourselves. Should we be at home more, should we be working more, should they be wrap around childcare or am I doing right by them? Usually the last person we think about is ourselves. But if we aren’t functioning right through to stress or tiredness or something else, how can we realistically be being the best we can for our children, customers and colleagues? The answer is we can’t, so as a working mum or indeed a non working/employed mum, we must make sure we take time out to relax, recuperate and recharge. This could be a mini break, a night out or even a cuppa, biscuit and a good read (like a blog!).

Well done to all us working mums on doing a sterling job each and every day come rain or shine.

*Nicole Martin is the proud owner and director of Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy Ltd.  Based in Buckinghamshire with her husband and two children, Pinpoint Marketing works with small and local businesses to help them raise their profile, find new customers, increase sales and grow their businesses using all of the marketing mix. It understands the small business market and its constraints and opportunities. 

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