How quickly did Stephanie find her first eDivert Customers?

Stephanie is our franchisee based in Liverpool. She joined eDivert at the end of 2018. During her notice period, when she was still working full-time, she took the chance to set up the practical side of her eDivert business. This included learning how to sell and provide the services, getting her business insurance sorted, set-up her telephone system and so on.

Stephanie eDivert Franchise


In the few hours a week that she had available, she managed to get through most of the online training, which was a great preparation for her launch date on the 4th of February 2019.

By her launch date, Stephanie was fully set up. As a result, she was able to pick work up from head office and from another franchisee in her first month. This in itself was a great start to her new business.

But Stephanie also knew she had to go out and get her own customers to grow her business. The training gave her a great foundation on where to start.

She selected a few relevant business networking groups and contacted them if she could attend. Not only was she now earning her first income with the help of head office and one of the franchisees, she was also getting her name out in her business community around her.

There are several ways to go out and network to meet other local businesses.

There are organised groups for which there is a membership fee or there are free events, often organised by accountancy firms, your local bank or a solicitors’ firm.

If you can of course, it is also useful to network with people you already know.

In Stephanie’s instance, for years she had been working in the dental industry, and most recently in an upmarket private dental practice in Liverpool.

She decided to make contact with colleagues from the dental industry in her local area and ask if she could come over and meet with them to explain what services she could offer them.

With her expertise and background in the industry, 3 clinics showed an interest straight away.

Within 6 weeks she signed her first customer up.

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They agreed that she will be delivering the management of social media messages for their clinic, as well as answering calls and providing triage during these calls.

The client has agreed to sign up for an initial 3 months, followed by a monthly rolling contract. Our experience is that a client like this, is likely to stay on board for at least 3 years, if not more, considering the expertise that Stephanie will build up to provide this service.

Given the number of messages that the client receives on a daily basis, the likely value of this contract lies between £568 and £960 monthly. Over a 3 year period, this contract will have a value of £27,500.

After a month, the client requested another meeting with Stephanie to discuss if she would be able to cope with an increase in the services.

The business is looking to expand to 12 different sites throughout the UK and would Stephanie to be involved for the customer service provision for these sites.

Stephanie expects that in the next 6 months, she will need other franchisees to help her out to fulfil this contract. This is just one example how our eDivert franchisees benefit from being part of a network.

We wish Stephanie lots of luck with building her business.

If you would like to find out how you can build up your eDivert business, fill the form in to receive more information.

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