The eDivert franchise: A diverse network

At eDivert we believe that diversity is of the upmost importance for our franchise network to ensure that franchisees can make the most of their business.

Running a franchise from home can come with a lot of distractions


For that reason we do not try to get just one type of franchisee on board, but aim to get a variety of people on board who complement each other.

Sarath LankaWe are therefore very proud to announce that Sarath Lanka has joined our network. Sarath is not just the first man to join our network. He is also the first franchisee who is planning on running his business full-time with the aim to set up an office with staff in the future.

Even more exciting news is that another full-time franchisee also very recently joined, whom we will tell you more about in our next article.

Not only consists our eDivert network of women, men, part-time and full-time franchisees, we also have different nationalities on board and people who speak multiple languages.

By having a variety of franchisees with different skill sets, we are able to function better as a network, helping each other when and where necessary.

For example, a part-time franchisee may want to take on telephone answering customers, but may not be able to serve these customers during certain office hours. He or she will be able to work together with another franchisee who can help out during those hours.

Or a franchisee may want to take on a live chat customer, who wants their live chat answered up to 10 o’clock in the evening or during weekends.

It is impossible to take on a customer like this on your own. But with access to our eDivert franchise network, you can put a team together that covers all the hours that the customer needs.

How do our eDivert franchisees work together?

  1. They outsource work to each other when they are too busy
  2. They outsource work to each other, because someone else has more experience in a certain area
  3. They work together to get bigger clients on board or to work on big projects
  4. They work together to tap into each other’s networks, which especially helps new franchisees to grow quicker
  5. They still earn while they outsource work
  6. Those who take on work from someone else, will get paid fairly.

More about Sarath

Sarath joined eDivert in June 2019 and focuses on offering live chat services as well as email marketing services. He is based in Overton and covers the areas of Flintshire, Wrexham and Chester.

His plan is to focus full-time on his eDivert franchise and grow the business into an operation with staff in a short space of time.

Sarath has a host of experience in running businesses. For the past 8 years he has been successfully running a convenience store near Chester, which he runs with 4 staff.

We asked Sarath a few questions about being a business owner:

What do you believe is key to the growth and maintenance of a strong business?

Satisfying the clients with value added services.
Delivering the right thing at the right time.

What do you think are key attributes to being a business owner?

Visionary leadership and competencies.

Why do you think eDivert is the right franchise for you?

I trust that with eDivert, I can open a new window to reach business excellence by using my existing experiences.

If you would like to find out more about the eDivert franchise network, request our prospectus.

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