‘Employers becoming more open to job shares in senior roles’


More than two in five employees and owners involved in hiring would consider hiring candidates for a senior role as part of a job share, according to research by Timewise.

The survey of 200 employers comes as the organisation launches its fifth Power Part Time List More than half of the 50 business men and women on it were recruited into their roles on a part-time basis and nine are working in job shares, the highest number since the list began.

The organisation says that, for the first time, the list includes a record number of senior job shares from a diverse range of industries not traditionally open to part time and job share arrangements, including the Green Party (of England and Wales), the Ministry of Defence, the Home Office, Age UK, Lloyds Banking Group and the Guardian Media Group.

This year’s list also recognises those working flexibly in mid-career level. Timewise cites Learning & Work Institute research estimating 773,000 people in Britain are working formally part time in the higher income bracket (earning more than £40,000 per year, full time equivalent), an increase of 5.7% since 2016. According to Timewise’s analysis of labour market statistics, over 8.5 million people are working part-time hours, accounting for a quarter of all workers in the UK. It says that 86 per cent choose to do so to fit work round something else in their lives.

Timewise co-founder & joint CEO Karen Mattison says: “The dramatic increase in job shares on this year’s Power Part Time List offers us a glimpse into how jobs will be designed in the future. All it takes is an open-minded employer who is prepared to try something new in a bid to hire or keep the best people, and an innovative solution is born. I am delighted that the conversation is moving away from WHY people need to work flexibly, to HOW businesses and individuals are making it work.”

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