In the 10 years since the launch of the landscape has changed. Fathers want to get involved more in family life and work flexibly to manage this. More and more fathers are now working part time to be able to share the parenting, and new legislation is allowing for more involvement from the outset.

It also explores how culture is shifting, and how sharing care of children and home life can lead to greater gender equality in all areas of life.

Supporting dads and returners

There is a huge and growing demand for parenting support from dads and giving more support to dads improves their engagement at work, according to a whitepaper on supporting dads and returners.

The whitepaper talks around Shared Parental Leave and how better communication is needed on the policy, which is very complicated, and that drop-in sessions rather than sending out information might work better since each families’ circumstances differ. Enhancing Shared Parental Pay could also show that employers value dads being more involved in childcare and it was suggested that employers could do more to support dads during SPL.

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