Managing Staff

This section covers a range of topics related to managing staff, and in particular, managing staff who work on a flexible basis. Key topics discussed include; employment law, health and safety at work, training & courses, redundancy and disciplinary information, along with employees rights and workplace regulations which your organisation needs to follow.

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Managing Staff
Managing Staff

Managing and supporting employees experiencing domestic abuse

Most employers strive to create a happy and positive working environment, ensuring staff remain safe and protected whilst they undertake their work duties. However, for a significant number of workers, the threat of domestic abuse in their personal lives often looms large once they return home. With this in mind, there are several measures employers can take to support domestic abuse victims within their organisation. read more


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Dads, Mums & Equality

The last decades have seen huge changes in our working lives. The number of women who work after having children has risen significantly, and a... read more

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Top Employer Awards, flexible working

Top Employer Awards

The Awards recognise employers both big and small who have embraced the business benefits of flexible working and have been proactive in seeking to... read more


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