Everything has changed and everything remains the same

World in your hand


Wow. A lot has changed, but nothing has changed at all. I won’t mention his name, but a very bad person is now the leader of the free world (his name begins with a ‘T’ and rhymes with dump). There have been mixed reactions from people at school. A lot have announced that it is the end of the world as we know it (I’m one of them), there have been some happy people and my form teacher (who is usually a pretty good person) has told us that nothing much will change. Perhaps for him – a (presumably straight) white man – not much will change, but the racism/sexism/xenophobia/homophobia (delete where appropriate) that his election as president has legitimised will leave a lot of people in America feeling unsafe. And all you have to do is look at the people he’s appointing for his cabinet to see that the end could actually be nigh (for real).

Let’s not dwell on that, though – there has to be something good happening…somewhere…surely. Please. It seems that the times we’re living in are really very bad, but at the same time they are the best they have ever been (unless you like the look of the Ancient Roman way of living). At least we have Beyoncé and Iceland (the country, not the shop), although we still haven’t met the aliens yet. They’re going to be so angry when they find out that we’ve been holding the Miss Universe pageant without them. Or they might be confused as to why we’re objectifying half of humanity. I’m a very angry person it seems. I also wonder what it would be like to live in the world in which A Clockwork Orange takes place. Probably not good.

I think that I’ve become more boring since I’ve started the sixth form – I’m too focused on studies/too tired to be interesting or entertaining and I have to say that it’s getting me down. I don’t really do anything anymore, unless you count CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service – one of the core components of the IB), but I feel bad when I do CAS things because I know that I’m mainly doing them so that I can actually pass the IB diploma (ie I’m not actually a good person). Oh dear, this blog is very boring. I’m proving my own point right here – I have become boring. If there is anyone out there reading this who hasn’t started sixth form/college my advice is that you shouldn’t let it make you boring. I don’t know how you would go about this as it’s much easier said than done (if it was easy I would no longer be boring, obviously). Nothing much has changed and yet everything has.

*Meditations of a Millennial is written by a rotating group of sixth form students.

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