Excluded from information on restructure: ask the expert

I have recently returned to work from maternity leave. The company is having a huge restructure & making half the staff redundant. I had my first consultation meeting whilst on maternity where I was informed what was going on & given job roles to look at & apply for. I didn’t apply for any. The company have put a selection criteria together & the top scoring employees jobs are safe – the bottom half are at risk of redundancy. I today found out my current job was safe & was given an area to work on from September. However, since my first meeting I have had no contact from the company. They were sending weekly emails to staff keeping them updated on what was going on in the process, available jobs, pay banding etc. There were apparently in excess of 20 emails sent out, I received none of these. They asked for people to volunteer for redundancy. I wasn’t asked (I found out through a colleague). I did volunteer but this was rejected. All other employees had access to an intranet-like application where they could look at job roles, find out info on the restructure etc 24/7 at their leisure – I had no access to this. I asked HR 3 times to be included in the information being sent out & am still awaiting a response over a month later. I am now back at work & still not being included in the restructure information. I obviously wanted to go, but now can’t as my job is still available to me. Can I fight for maternity discrimination as I’ve not been kept informed throughout the whole process & have had to rely on colleagues?

A claim for maternity discrimination could not possibly be successful, given your proposal.   If the company had failed to involve you in the process and then made you redundant you might have possibly had a claim. However, you are lucky that you have kept your job after returning from maternity leave.   Presumably now you are back at work you can access the intranet – otherwise you need to continually make your request to the appropriate person to gain information.

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