Fields of gold

Esther Fieldgrass is founder and owner of EF Medispa, a premier body spa offering treatments with the latest medical advances and traditional complementary therapies. EF Medispa can be found on and in Chelsea, Kensington and St. John’s Wood.

Fields of Gold – The Story of EF Medispa
I went to see Esther Fieldgrass at her clinic in Kensington. Our common link was my dear friend Danai who also happens to be Esther’s yoga instructor (who Esther can’t get enough of!). Esther founded and very successfully runs EF Medispa, a premier body spa. I expected to talk to Esther about all those things that make you beautiful on the outside, especially given that I am turning the BIG 40 next year (notably the first amongst all my friends, something they never let me forget).
Among my many greys, I have now also managed to spot a blemish here and there which I thought would go away, but not too long ago realised that they are here to stay! For my meeting with Esther I was ready with the lingo, I was ready to learn the tricks of the trade and maybe shave off a few years if I did it right.
My list for Esther was exhaustive – Botox, laser, skin firming etc. etc. etc. Esther looked like she was in her 40’s – even younger in person than in her photos. While I have known her son Rudy for a few years now and should’ve done the math, my jaw almost dropped when she said she had been married for forty-two years. That had to be either a good man (and a lot of “Shades of Grey”) or a lot of Botox. I was very intrigued.
As Esther spoke on I realised it probably wasn’t the man or the treatments, but all the things she had done in the past to harness her spiritual energies that made her the person she was today – both on the outside but more importantly on the inside. Born in Bournemouth, married at 19 to her husband who she met at a local youth club,
Esther started her first hairdressing salon at 20 in Barnes after doing a three-year apprenticeship at Vidal Sassoon. She started her second salon on her 23rd birthday in Notting Hill Gate. She sold her salons in 1978 and subsequently moved to Hong Kong with her husband where she decided to study Cantonese and also marketing and garment manufacturing.
She began producing hotel uniforms using factories in China and also decided to study alternative medicine and spirituality. She studied the art of crystal healing, Reiki and reflexology among others. During her thirteen years in Hong Kong, she also had her two boys, Rudy and Theo, who now work alongside her at the spas.
When back in the UK, Esther continued to enhance her spiritual study; she was instrumental in bringing many coaches and spiritual practitioners such as Brenda Caldwell, Linda Joyce and Meredith Young to the UK where they conducted workshops in energy perceptions, astrology and life coaching. While continuing down the spiritual path, she organised a big Buddhist retreat with attendees from all over the world. It lasted 21 days and it was during this retreat that she had a vision of a field – a field with hills and flat land, a river and a waterfall.
Esther put down what she had visualised on a piece of paper for a girlfriend who said that she had seen just such a field in Spain. Esther flew to Spain with her and in no time had decided to buy the land and get the gardens landscaped. It was almost like the spiritual world was beckoning her back into the material. Back from Spain, she decided to go back into the beauty business. She opened satellite clinics with body sculpting machinery and offering specialised body treatments.
Thus we came to know EF Medispa as it stands today, offering tailored body treatments in Chelsea, Kensington and St. Johns Wood. While Esther offers treatments that make you look and feel young on the outside, she firmly believes that it is not all just Botox, ladies! Inner wellbeing is crucial to how you look on the outside and her spas embody this philosophy, combining the latest medical advances with traditional complementary therapies. Keeping up with this theme, the Kensington spa, which will be celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, will be hosting a variety of workshops on “how to explore your inner Goddess”!
I went there thinking I would talk to Esther about all things skin and bod,y but I left with a feeling of soul and mind. Before I left, I asked Esther for three free beauty tips for myself – so here they are ladies – she said a lot of laughter, great girlfriends and plenty of exercise!

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