Fighting inequality


My partner is in Spain and I’m looking at images from the women’s strike and protest there. They are impressive. Thousands upon thousands of women in cities across Spain took to the streets to express a longing for change. That sense of longing is palpable.

It should impel us forwards. Inequality not just about women either. It’s about how we live and who we are, how we are connected to each other as human beings and about hope, which is something that is desperately needed these days.

Growing inequality makes it more and more difficult to assume any shared experience. There has always been inequality, of course, but the difference between, for instance, one family being able to go out for a meal for their child’s birthday and another having to skip meals is stark.

The thing that brings us together must surely be an awareness that this inequality is wrong and corrosive. It affects every one of us every day, even if we convince ourselves to turn a blind eye.

The challenge then becomes what we do about it. Do we go down the cul de sac of blaming others just because they are supposedly not like us or do we try and forge some better idea of what we could be?

*Mum on the run is Mandy Garner, editor of

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