Five things SMEs should think about for 2022

CharlieHR has some advice for SMEs on areas to think about developing for 2022.

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HR experts CharlieHR has some advice for SMEs on how they can boost their attraction and retention levels in 2022.

1. Introduce mental health sick days
–        The pandemic has tested the mental health of most of us, so investing in supporting your team’s mental health in 2022 must be a priority.

–        Some ways you can do this include implementing employee assistance programmes so your team can easily access medical professionals and counselling.

–        Giving your team access to mindfulness apps like calm.

–        Offering monthly wellbeing budgets that can be used on anything to do with staff mental health. This could include offering gym memberships as a perk.

–        Introducing duvet days, mental health sick days or personal days to allow people to take paid time-off when their mental health is feeling challenged.

2. Diversity for fresh thinking and creativity
–        Increasing the diversity of your team will improve your growth and development. Diverse teams benefit from not everyone thinking the same. This tends to create a culture that is more open to new ideas, new ways of working and more creative approaches.

–        A commitment to diversity also attracts new team members. It’s something that people really care about, and they want that to see reflected in their place of work.

3. Scupper the ‘Great Resignation’ through learning and development
–        There’s talk of the ‘Great Resignation’, a phenomenon that describes record numbers of people leaving their jobs as the Covid-19 pandemic ends. One of the ways to motivate them to stay is to support their growth and development. Employees will become more engaged and they are more likely to be promoted or take on new responsibilities.

–        Learning and development will help your team to not only grow in their roles, but to become more creative, connected and valued.

4. Increase the frequency of your individual ‘check-ins’
–        You want your team to feel valued and that their thoughts and ideas are being taken into consideration.

–        You also want your team to trust you and feel they can air any concerns openly and honestly.

–        This is why regular check-ins are important: they help establish solid working relationships and good communication, meaning your team members feel valued and trusted.

–        As you grow your business, things like this can slip through the net, so it’s important to make sure you treat your team members individually and guide them through their growth and development.

5. Update and upgrade your policies and procedures
–        Don’t let your policies and procedures get left behind. Your handbook and staff contracts should be reviewed and kept up to date every year.

–        Be progressive and inclusive – think of policies which will help you craft a great culture in your organisation, for example, support for breastfeeding for mothers, transgender policies, enhanced family-friendly policies, anti-racism policies etc.

–        Make your handbook easy to read – no team member wants to read a boring 100-page document. Make a commitment to make it user-friendly and simple. Remember this is one of the first impressions a new starter will have of your company.

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