How to stay positive when searching for a flexible job

Searching for a flexible role does cut down on the number of jobs available, so it may take longer than usual to find the right role. It is all too easy to start feeling dejected when a job search goes on for a while with no success but it is important to try to stay positive.

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Here are some ideas to help you stay positive during your job search.

Expand your horizons

If you’re searching for a very specific role or job title, you won’t find a huge number of opportunities. Take some time to think about the skills you have and whether they could apply to a different type of job or employer. Many skills are transferable and could open up new opportunities.

Meet up with friends and contacts

Not only will catching up with old colleagues or friends give you a social boost and – if you’re not currently working – structure to your day, but they may be aware of jobs coming up, good local employers or people that can help with your search.

Stay up to date

Take some time each day to read the latest updates in your sector via Twitter, LinkedIn or industry websites. It will help you in job interviews and will spark ideas and enthusiasm.

An hour a day is enough

There’s only so much job hunting you can do in a day – there are only a limited number of jobs. Accept that it may take you several weeks to get an interview and try not to dwell on it.

Embrace rejection!

You won’t get an interview for every job – that’s completely normal. And every interview could have 10 or more different candidates. If someone is better suited to a role than you, it’s not your fault. Accept it – every failure is a step closer to success.

Give yourself a break

Worrying about the job search won’t get you a job. Make sure you spend time every day NOT thinking about finding work and doing something that makes you feel good: a walk, a workout or a coffee with a friend.

Set achievable goals

At the beginning of the week set yourself a list of manageable tasks: Meet one recruiting agent, apply for one job, make three new LinkedIn connections. Ticking them off will give you an important sense of progress.

Focus on what you can control

You have no power over when an employer will call you back, or whether you will get an interview with a company you’re interested in. Instead, amend your CV or write an on-spec letter. Keep yourself busy with the things you can influence so you have less time to worry about those you can’t.

It’s natural to feel down at times when looking for a job. But staying positive is very important. Recognise how you’re feeling and take a break when it gets too much, then go back when you feel stronger. Believe in yourself, your skills and your commitment, and you’ll find the right flexible role. Good luck!

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