Flexible working response delayed, then redundancy announced

I sent in a request for flexible working hours earlier this year which was declined and I appealed. After the three-month deadline my appeal meeting was held. Two days later we found out that the employer is making our entire department redundant at which point I asked if I could withdraw my flexible working hours request as I was trying to drastically reduce my hours, which would reduce my redundancy pay. I have worked full time for nine years. They have declined my request to cancel my flexible working hours request due to them already making a decision and they are currently putting together a letter. However, I still do not know the outcome. I am just wondering where I stand on this and if there are any further actions I can take to cancel my request and work the final six months at my normal hours?



Redundancy payment is calculated based on your age, length of service and salary.  Whilst your salary most likely will be based on your part-time employment only, your length of service will be considered for both your part-time and your full-time positions.

However, I would consider submitting a grievance against the fact that the outcome to appeal has still not been given to you after the 3-month legal time line and the fact that the company knew of a redundancy situation before you had the appeal meeting. You could also appeal against the redundancy using this.

Legally, once the flexible working application has been approved, then the only way to change this is to either have you and your employer to agree to this or to submit another application after 12 months.

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