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More Than Just A Franchise But A Life Changing Opportunity

Champs Academy FranchiseImagine going to bed at night with a deep sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction knowing you’ve made a huge difference in a child’s life. Imagine the feeling of helping a child or teen feel more confident, overcome self-doubt, negativity and mental blockages. As well as earn a good living doing something you love.

This is what you’ll experience running your own CHAMPS Academy Franchise and there’s no other Franchise opportunity quite like it.

This is one of the many things that makes this Franchise totally unique and exclusive.

You’ll be part of a dynamic and inspired team of transformational coaches that are changing lives. CHAMPS Academy is expanding all across the UK.

Children and young people are going through a CONFIDENCE and emotional CRISIS today with all the pressures and demands that life throws at them. 1 in every 3 children report lacking in the vital life skills to manage the growing challenges and complexities of growing up today.

champs academy kids groupchamps academy kids

That’s why CHAMPS has quickly become the Number 1 Confidence and Life-Skills Coaching Franchise in the UK. Offering timely and focused solutions for parents looking for help with their Children’s and Teens Confidence and Mental Health.

People from all walks of life become CHAMPS Franchisees from working mums and those looking to change careers to established British actors and everyone in between.

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Don’t worry CHAMPS Academy provides ALL the Coaching training, tools/templates and systems to help you achieve success. They don’t do Therapy, but coach positive, proactive and practical strategies young people can not only understand but apply. Also, no previous experience in Coaching necessary because full training and ongoing development is provided.

Champs Academy Franchise

You can benefit from the fact that hundreds of parents trust the award-winning CHAMPS Academy, to Coach their child/teen to build confidence and life-skills to unlock their true potential.

CHAMPS Academy is built on the strong principles of self-confidence, personal- empowerment and effective life-skills as well as business success with over 35 years collective experience of the co-founders Annette Du Bois and Ian Fox.

CHAMPS Academy’s mission is to Inspire and Empower 1 Million Kids and Teens to live more confident happier lives by 2020 and they have already coached thousands of Kids and Teens as the Franchise gains increased recognition and exposure. CHAMPS Academy has helped over 100,000 Kids and Teens so far.

> As featured in The Telegraph.

> As seen on TV and Radio.

> Multiple Awards and Accolades.

> Annette Voted Most Influential Women in 2016.

> Excellent Trust Pilot Reviews and Testimonials.

> TEDx Speakers.

About You

Champs Academy FranchiseThis would be suitable for someone who has a deep desire to help young people change how they feel and become more confident in life. CHAMPS coaches are not psychologists or therapists but follow a structured confidence coaching formula and process. You need to be motivated and a good communicator with an empathic and solution driven approach to life and challenges.

This easily fits around your family and lifestyle and is very flexible. Everyone talks about a career that creates work/life balance but this truly is one that does because you can offer optional coaching sessions from your living room (or from anywhere) using a laptop or tablet.

This is a real lifestyle business and an uncomplicated easy to operate franchise opportunity.

Watch our free videos and examples of how the CHAMPS coaching works –

Financial Information

Champs Academy

The Franchise Investments starts from £6,997 with affordable monthly instalment options available. This includes all the training and easy-start promotional package, Exclusive Franchise Territory to operate in, Pre-launch and Launch Franchise support, Plus joining a proven, trusted brand with a mission to make a big difference in the lives of young people. If you are not from the UK, please contact us because we have a special training package for international Franchisees.

Training and Support

Full training package is provided to turn you into a successful coach.

  • Focused and action orientated learning format that helps you balance learning with action steps to achieve great progress in a short-time without feeling overwhelmed or wondering what to do next. It starts with the initial Franchisee 1-day live training followed by a series of interactive, engaging and highly educational web meet coaching covering business, marketing and the steps to success for launching your CHAMPS Franchise. Franchisees are loving this training format because it not only helps them learn at the highest and most retention-based level, but also means they spend less time away from home whilst saving travel expenses and accommodation costs.
  • Dedicated CHAMPS Franchisee support site is available 24/7 and from any device, making it easier to access what you need, when you need it.
  • Pre-launch and Launch dedicated support. You’ll follow a step-by-step process to get your new CHAMPS Academy known in your locality and parents contacting you.
  • CHAMPS Coach Development, interactive, highly inspirational web meets, helping you become a more effective coach.
  • Coaching tools, session templates, resources and additional training on new programs, concepts and packages as they develop.
  • You’ll never feel alone because you’re becoming part of the Team of CHAMPS Franchised Coaches.
  •  Personal 1:1 Mentoring to help you and your business succeed.

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champ franchise, flexible franchise champs franchise, flexible franchise champs academy group pic champs academy kids champs academy kids group

Champs Academy FranchiseYou may be wondering what it’s like to run a CHAMPS Academy Franchise and there’s nothing better than hearing it from someone already doing it.

Marie runs a CHAMPS Academy Franchise in the Bridgend area of Wales and her success has been amazing so far. Within just 2 weeks of launching her Franchise she’d received over 70 enquiries! And word quickly spread with 2 Schools demanding her services for our expertly developed Schools program ‘Confidence in the Classroom and Beyond©’ specialising in helping pupils having challenges with confidence, communication and performance.

We managed to catch up with Marie in between her coaching sessions and busy day for a quick Skype chat to give you a better insight into what it’s really like as a CHAMPS Academy: Kids/Teens Confidence and Life Skills Coach.

Q: What attracted you to the CHAMPS Franchise?

Marie: I was looking for an opportunity to help more children. I’ve worked in a School for a long time and just felt something was missing. I worked with children on the austistic spectrum and those with special needs, who get the support. But there was a big gap, so for children who needed that extra support and help either because they were shy or had difficulty with every day challenges. That seemed to be missing and noticed it more and more over the last few years. I was looking for something that filled that gap and came across CHAMPS Academy.

Q: How did you find the initial training?

Marie: Found it brilliant, really enthused and the activities children can use throughout their life and in different situations. Personally I had some Wow moments! Where there were certain activities that as adults we can do as well. I’ve since tested those Wow moments on family and in sessions with great results. The training, support and enthusiasm for it was brilliant. Really enjoyed it thank you.

Q: Are you pleased with the support you receive from CHAMPS Academy?

Marie: Very pleased with the support and the ongoing element with the online site (CHAMPS Coach Success Club). It’s brilliant and all my questions have been answered to help me.

Q: What do you like most about the franchise and your business?

Marie: Flexibility, being able to work around my children. Things have started and gone really well for me. I love the way it works around my work life balance. And the other side of it is seeing the impact it has on children and their parents who’ve gone ‘that’s a fantastic idea, there’s nothing else like it’. Proactive, is the key word. Everything I came across in the past and support in School was reactive. I love that feeling of knowing you can make a difference. That’s one of the most amazing parts.

Q: What would you say to someone considering joining CHAMPS Academy as a Franchisee?

Marie: In a sentence “Go For It!” If you’ve go that enthusiasm to help children and support them through difficulties and struggles. If you’ve got that within you then CHAMPS is the one because it is proactive, and you’re then going to empower children for the rest of their lives. They will take snippets of what they learn and use them every day. I think that in itself is a reason to do it.

What a fantastic insight and you can watch the full chat with Marie here…

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