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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A FLEXIBLE FRANCHISE, THAT CAN BE STARTED FROM YOUR DESK AT HOME? At eDivert we offer administrative, marketing and call handling services to other businesses. eDivert and its franchise network deliver high quality Business Support services to companies in every sector. Our services include:

  • Administrative Services, including diary management, transcription, mystery shopping call projects, bookkeeping
  • Customer Service Support, phone answering, live chat answering, email management, social media management
  • Marketing Services, including email marketing, social media advertising and telemarketing, pipeline management, lead generation

Unlike a traditional franchise, you don’t buy a geographical area. Instead we help you specialise in the services that you enjoy, which you can then deliver UK-wide.

As part of the eDivert network, you will have the opportunity to take work on from other franchisees and from head office, which allows you to grow your business 3x faster than when you start on your own.

Once you get too busy yourself, you can outsource some of your work to other franchisees within the network, knowing that they have received the same training as you have, and share the same values. We also have access to a large team that can help you scale up your business if that’s your ambition.

eDivert team

In the eDivert network, franchisees are completely independent, but at the same time truly work together. This means you can take on bigger projects and work that fall outside of your available hours. It means you can earn more than if you were on your own. Being part of our eDivert franchise network means there is a team in the background to help you with overflow work, with ongoing support from Head Office. It offers THE SOLUTION to a perfect work life balance.

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Key Features

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time or full-time
  • Access to a team to help with overflow work and holiday cover
  • Access to secured income through work outsourced via Head Office
  • Be independent and part of a team at the same time
  • Expert and personalised training to kick-start your business
  • Ongoing support from Head Office
  • Access to weekly team meetings to get to know the others in the network
  • Tried-and-tested business model
  • Proven success

Our eDivert Network

As a business, we are passionate about our people – it is what makes us so unique! Our company structure guarantees that you will have a strong team ready to support you in any situation.

Most of our franchisees get an opportunity to do some work for head office or another franchisee in the first few months.

We offer regular online team meetings, so you get an opportunity to build relationships with the other franchisees in the network.

We currently have a variety of franchisees on board, some work full-time in their business, but most of them part-time.

edivert support

About You

We welcome franchisees from a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, ensuring that eDivert has the widest skill set on offer to business communities around the UK.

Previous administrative, customer service, sales or marketing experience is helpful, but most importantly, you will need a can-do attitude! We are looking for individuals with drive, dedication, passion and an eagerness to learn.

Our franchise opportunity is ideal for mothers who would like a flexible work solution to fit around their children.

You must be highly organised, efficient and professional with a sense of urgency and tenacity.

Don’t worry if you have not had previous experience in running your own business. We provide you with everything you need and need to know in the online training. The training can be completed in your own time.

In addition, we offer regular virtual training sessions via webinar, so you can keep on developing your skillset.

Our franchisees are all self-motivated and resourceful, approachable and natural networkers.

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Financial Information

At eDivert we offer 3 franchise packages: Our Basic package at £7,500+VAT, the Accelerator Package at £9,500+VAT and the Elite Package at £12,500 + VAT. Whereas the Basic package includes the basics to start your own eDivert business, our Accelerator and Elite Packages include more tools, including an automated marketing system and a set of unique contacts, which will help you grow your business a lot quicker in the first 3 years. The Elite package further includes more contacts, your own website and business mentoring.

The franchise term for the package is for 5 years and can be renewed at no additional fee.

At eDivert we like to keep things simple. We only ask our franchisees to pay one monthly royalty fee for the ongoing support and brand exposure that we offer. There are no other hidden charges. All franchisees pay a monthly management fee of 10% of their monthly turnover or a minimum charge of £180+VAT, whichever one is higher.

These funds are re-invested in marketing for the franchise network and development of training and workshops for the franchisees. Our franchise offer is fully flexible and scalable, so you can adjust the amount of time spent on your business as and when your situation changes.

Earning potential will vary depending on the amount of time you have to devote to your business and the business model you choose. As an example, with 20 chargeable hours per week, you could turnover £30,000 per year if you work on your own, or the sky is the limit if you work full-time and build up a business where you either outsource to other franchisees or take on staff.

Training and Support

Our Training and Support are second to none and is provided remotely through our online training system and interactive webinars. So you won’t have to worry about additional costs for travel or overnight stays.

In the training we provide you with all the information from starting your business, to what marketing strategy to use to grow your business, how to get customers and how to deliver the services.

We also go in more depth into how to close a sale with a potential customer and how to handle difficult situations. After the training, you continue to have easy access to head office for any support you may require.


We also supply monthly marketing materials, training videos, help with business planning, an annual conference and ongoing training.


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Have you ever thought about leaving the grind of your 9-5 job for something that gives you a little more flexibility and work life balance, whilst at the same time still earning a decent wage? You’re not alone; according to a poll by Gallop, out of 1 billion workers surveyed, only 15% stated that they were ‘engaged’ with their work, which leaves a staggering 85% who are unhappy.
So you’re thinking about leaving your job? What now?

It sounds great and you get excited about creating your own artisanal brand, building your start-up business from scratch, or even just going self-employed as a continuation of your current role.

So what’s stopping you?
Actually taking the plunge and leaving your job can be a very scary prospect for many reasons – but mainly it comes with a high risk. It’s well known that 90% of new business start ups fail within the first five years and of these, 82% fail due to cashflow issues. Most people simply don’t have the money to be able to afford to leave their jobs, invest a lot of money in a new business idea whilst at the same time paying out for living expenses. Especially with the high chance that said new venture won’t succeed anyway! And so that niggling voice of doubt creeps in again, your excitement wanes and you start to think again.

What if there was a middle road?

One that doesn’t involve spending huge amounts of time and money on building a brand from scratch. One that has information and resources necessary to fast track your learning and help you make money quicker. One that is far less risky than going it alone. One that gives you the flexibility of being your own boss but where you’re also part of a team of like-minded individuals.

Fortunately this middle road does exist; meet franchising.
In the UK alone there are now well over half a million people involved in the franchising sector, 25,000 of them are franchisees operating over 39,000 unit franchises. Franchising has been increasingly growing in popularity over the past few decades, and for good reason.

The failure rates for franchises are much lower than start-ups. It is estimated that around 15%-35% of franchises fail, compared to 90% of start-ups and even that figure is misleading. Depending on the sector, some franchises have a 99% success rate (meaning just 1% fail) and others have a 40% failure rate.

So how does it work?

You enter into a franchise agreement, pay an upfront fee and a monthly royalty fee (usually a % of your revenues). In return you get a turnkey business, ready for you to take the reins and hit the ground running. This includes: the brand, operational training and know-how, ongoing support (from the franchisor but you are now part of a team of other franchise business owners) and essentially all that you need in order to get your business going.

If you’re interested to know more about the eDivert franchise system, contact us today.

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How will YOU feel after your first month as an eDivert franchisee?

We caught up with new franchisee, James Ekhator, just one month after he joined us.

Having always wanted to run his own business, James was attracted to eDivert because of the type of services that were offered. He liked the broad variety and also the fact that he would learn skills related to every part of the business. He also liked the flexibility as he explains here:
“I am an engineer by profession and I’m now transitioning between that and becoming a business owner. To do that, I need to run both activities side by side for a short time and the flexibility offered by eDivert makes that easy to do. I’m part-time engineer and part-time eDivert but I plan for that to move to full time eDivert as soon as possible.”

In terms of his early experiences with eDivert, James found one thing really stood out and that was the training he received.
“I’m delighted with the training I’ve been given. It has helped me understand how to set up and run my own business. It includes everything from how to register the business to running the finances and I now feel totally confident in something I had no real experience of before.”

James has taken on his first client during his first month, showing what a quick start an eDivert franchise brings.
“I’m really pleased to have got my first client so quickly, especially as it was someone from my own network. However, I wouldn’t have spotted the opportunity if it weren’t for the mentoring I’ve had from eDivert.
eDivert’s receive mentoring from a professional mentor if they buy into the Elite package, to help them work through the steep learning curve that comes with this new role. James explained how this mentoring helped him understand how to pitch the services to prospects.

Another option available to franchisees is the chance to work within eDivert’s own franchise network. Franchisees can choose to carry out projects for one another, something which is particularly useful is they can trade those tasks they’re not so keen on. James used this opportunity to experience some of the services that were new to him.
“I spent some time delivering some of the telephone answering services within the eDivert franchise network and it meant that I could better understand what I needed to deliver to my clients.”

In terms of advice to anyone considering buying in to a franchise business, James is clear:
“I’d say you definitely need to do your homework to ensure the business you choose is one that is right for your own needs. I’d recommend asking as many questions as you can – eDivert were very happy to answer loads – and speak to some existing franchisees too.

Once you’ve researched it and you’re happy, absolutely go for it. It’s a great way to start a business and be certain you have all the structure in place to be a success.”
To find out more about franchise opportunities with eDivert, why not sign up for our next discovery webinar or check out our website at


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Why a franchise business is the perfect solution for a busy, ambitious parent.

Our latest franchisee is the epitome of a busy working mum. Along with running a family, consisting of a military husband and two sons aged 11 and 15, she’s also a part-time student of studying business and management.

It stands to reason that, when she decided she wanted her own business, the franchise route – which gave her the added momentum she needed for a quick start – was perfect.

Meet Precious Lunga

Precious Lunga has a background which spans several business operations disciplines: she is an ex-HR professional and has also spent time working in admin and as a product specialist. It’s easy to see why eDivert, with our focus on all-things business support services, appealed to her as a business opportunity.

Precious came on board in March 2021, and having spent a few weeks learning the ropes, is now fully operational, based in the Oxford area. Despite having quite a few balls to juggle, she reports that life is good and she’s definitely made the right choice by joining eDivert:

“I’m finding it possible to do everything I have committed to,” she explains. “The eDivert training is really well organised and that’s really helped me hit the ground running. I’m especially enjoying being able to apply the theory I’m learning in my studies to a practical business. Starting out with eDivert has been great timing in that respect.”

Openness and Support is key

Precious also values the openness and support that is integral to the eDivert culture. “Having a supportive leader like Kim makes such a difference” she says. “If I’m not sure about something, I know I can just give her a call. And it’s been really nice to meet some of the other franchisees and feel the support from them too.”

This team approach is something we have positively encouraged at eDivert. Each franchisee has their own business and is responsible for shaping it to appeal to their skills and passions, but we also all pull together to deliver larger projects or to share some of the excess work that might come in. We recognise that if someone in the team especially likes working with numbers, for example, we can funnel these projects to them if they aren’t in our own sweet spot.

Thinking about a franchise?

It’s a recipe for success and also for happy franchisees. Everyone gets to build the business they want but without losing the breadth of services which eDivert can offer.

Precious had some advice for other ‘wannabe’ franchisees: “Make sure there’s a good training programme to set you up for success” she says. “At eDivert we also get to think about our marketing strategy at an early stage which helps with getting straight down to business. I’m really pleased I joined. It’s a fantastic brand, Kim is friendly and supportive and I’m really enjoying getting to know the other team members.”


Why getting an eDivert franchise is the perfect way to start your own business

Meet Tori. She’s our most recent franchisee, having started her business just under two months ago. We spoke to her to find out what made her consider a franchised business and why she chose eDivert.

Firstly, some background and you could say that the perfect storm put Tori in touch with eDivert. Around five years ago, Tori woke one morning with no feeling down one side of her body. She ended up in a wheelchair and then, come 2020, was made redundant while on furlough and awaiting spinal surgery. Despite this series of unfortunate events, Tori is delighted she came across eDivert, describing her young business as ‘the perfect balance between working for yourself and being part of a team’.

Sadly, before being made redundant, Tori already had experience of discrimination when job hunting. It wasn’t an experience she wanted to repeat.

“I still needed – and wanted – to work” she explains. “But I couldn’t even get an interview when I last went job hunting. There was always an excuse once people found out I was in a wheelchair. I’m capable and ambitious so I decided to take control of my life and look for a franchise to buy into.”

Why eDivert?

Having looked at a few different options, Tori decided that eDivert was a good fit. “I did have some previous experience of running offices”, she says, “although there’s no need for any background in this work, there’s so much training on offer. eDivert ticked the boxes of working from home, without much need to travel to sites or clients’ premises; it was clearly a caring team too, with lots of engagement from Kim prior to me signing anything. She wanted to make sure I was a fit for the business and vice versa, plus ensure that I knew what I was committing to and was completely happy with that.”

Tori wants to reassure others considering getting a franchise. “It’s always scary thinking of going it alone” she sympathises. “But eDivert really held my hand. When I looked at funding, I went to the Startup Loan Company and they were fantastic too. Really helpful and easy to deal with. I was offered all sorts of support and mentoring should I want it, all designed to help me ensure my business was a success.”

The best bits

All franchises are slightly different and eDivert has some particular strengths when it comes to the way they support their franchisees. As well as undertaking their own marketing to find clients, business owners can take on work from their fellow franchisees and from head office. It’s a model which allows people to do lots of the work they enjoy and farm out anything they don’t.

Tori explains: “Working in this way takes away a lot of the uncertainty. I can offer services I don’t really enjoy to my clients and simply ask one of my colleagues to do the work. It makes me more valuable to my customers as I never have to say no. I love the balance of picking my own hours and tasks but also having the framework and incredible support of eDivert” she enthuses.

How does it work?

When Tori signed up, she got access to the franchisee’s handbook; a comprehensive guide on how to run her eDivert business. This includes lots of training, some on how to run your business (the back-office stuff) and some on how to deliver the services that are on offer. The team also keep in touch via What’sApp groups and have weekly and monthly online meetings to discuss their business.

Says Tori “we have a whole online school to dip into. I get to work from home, steadily train to improve and grow my business, and I’m part of an amazing team who are really connected. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.”

If you’re considering a return to work after having a family, or have recently been made redundant, eDivert would love to hear from you.

Why Rebecca chose to join the eDivert franchise network

Rebecca is our franchisee based in Kent. She decided to join the eDivert franchise network back in January 2019 and launched her business officially at the beginning of April this year.

Rebecca has two young children and was looking for a more flexible work solution. At the time when she was looking what to do next, she was working part-time as a tour guide for a local power station. She had previous experience as a receptionist and administrator, which are roles she enjoyed and excelled at and she wanted the opportunity to continue in this industry. Her previous work experience involves having strong interpersonal and organisational skills and a large percentage of her roles have been customer based. She also has plenty of experience on the computer and a vast knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Her skill set means that Rebecca was an excellent fit for the eDivert franchise network from the very outset.


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With her husband already being his own boss and running his own franchise business in ground maintenance, Rebecca could see the advantages for her family and work-life balance of being self-employed. This meant that starting her own business was a no brainer.

Rebecca has made a flying start with her eDivert business. She works four days a week during school hours and combines the admin and marketing for her husband’s business with taking on work from eDivert head office and following up on new leads to gradually build up a larger customer base.

But more importantly, eDivert head office spotted an opportunity amongst one of Rebecca’s contacts and is helping her to become a preferred provider for a large UK franchise brand. This brand has 120 franchisees throughout the UK of which the majority will need some level of support with their customer service, marketing or administration. This is a brilliant example of how eDivert head office and franchisees work together to get bigger clients onboard, which will benefit everyone in our network. Once this account has been fully set up, Rebecca will not have time on her own to provide all this work, so she will be outsourcing this work within the eDivert franchise network and pass on prospective customers to otherfranchisees. We look forward to working with Rebecca and the other franchisees on providing the services for this account.

If you would like to find out more about the eDivert franchise network request our prospectus today.

Lyndsey, eDivert franchisee in Wigan

Why did you choose to buy into an eDivert franchise?

In 2017 I started out trying to build my own VA business. I applied for a Freelancer position with Kim to cover some of her work whilst she went on holiday.

Building my own business with no Brand, Website, Marketing Collateral, Pricing Structure or Policies and Procedures was tough.

I really enjoyed working with Kim, I liked the way she did things and when she mentioned the eDivert Franchise Opportunity – it was a no brainer of a decision.

What has the eDivert franchise offered you until now?

Confidence, the strength of an existing Brand, the support of Kim – so I am not doing this on my own! More importantly, a source of income in the early days by taking on Head Office work.

Why would you recommend the eDivert franchise to others?

The initial buy in cost is significantly lower than any other VA Franchise. Kim is incredibly supportive and is an incredibly successful Business Woman. The brand and the website and the way we “do business” impresses people!

What has been your biggest achievement until now as an eDivert franchisee?

I have 2! Paying back my investment inside of 6 months and getting to capacity within 8 months.

How do you find the work life balance as an eDivert franchisee?

It is fantastic! I have a little boy who is 5, so I only work within school hours.

How quickly did Stephanie find her first eDivert Customers?

Stephanie is our franchisee based in Liverpool. She joined eDivert at the end of 2018. During her notice period, when she was still working full-time, she took the chance to set up the practical side of her eDivert business. This included learning how to sell and provide the services, getting her business insurance sorted, set-up her telephone system and so on.

Read the full case study by clicking here.





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The future of work: what legacy will the pandemic leave you?

There’s a great quote doing the rounds at the moment. It’s by a personal growth author called Dave Hollis and it goes like this: “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

With lockdown now coming to an end, and what feels like a dark winter finally giving way to spring, some semblance of normality is just around the corner.
For the business world, however, what does that normal look like? Our traditions and even culture have been turned upside down. We’ve discovered flexibility and the gift of time and space in some cases, with busy commutes and late trains seemingly a thing of the past.

According to the cloud communications platform Twillio, the pandemic has led to an incredible 5 years’ digital business evolution in just 6 months. That’s quite a pace of change.

Inevitably, there will be good and bad in this change but it’s almost certain that much of the digitisation is here to stay. What does that mean, especially for smaller businesses where costs may be challenged as investment is needed?
Regrettably, some of these cost savings will have been met by redundancies and while this may work for the short term, when the economy picks up and volumes rise, there will be tasks that need completing and possibly a lack of manpower to do so. It is at this point businesses will need to consider whether to re-employ or outsource.

Some of the traditional barriers to outsourcing (whether real or perceived) have also been obliterated by lockdown. Remote working is now seen as highly feasible and productive and it will be the lack of a physical office presence that would have put off some business owners from sending out critical tasks such as telephone answering or customer engagement. From now on, surely, we will be less bothered about where someone is and more focused on what they can achieve?

New beginnings
The rise of outsourcing is potentially good news for the UKs economy, as we are known for being a nation of self-starters. It may be that some of those made redundant during this year-long crisis can create a new future for themselves, using long-held skills while maintaining what we now know as the reality of work-life balance.

At eDivert, we’ve seen the impact of the pandemic on so many different levels. We’ve seen an uptick in clients needing support as they run with leaner teams and the support we offer has become more diverse, especially in areas where technology leads the way. Online chat, social media networking and email marketing are all growth areas for us and save our clients time and energy when they are outsourced.

We’d love to know from our followers, clients or otherwise, what your new normal will be? Do you already have plans to rebuild teams or will you try operating a more lean workforce with outsourced support as and when you need it? Use our facebook page to let us know.

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5 things to consider if you’re thinking of becoming a franchisee

As a franchiser, it’s important to me to know that our applicants are right for us but also just as important that we are right for them.

Our business model works – we know that – but there will be those who are a more natural fit for the business and, of course, we want our franchisees to be as successful as we know they can be.

With this in mind, I decided to share my thoughts on what you should consider before making the decision to become a franchisee:

1. Make sure you do your homework

Also known a ‘due diligence’ you must check out the detail of the franchise you are considering buying in to. Only by understanding the business as well as the framework in which you will need to run it will you be able to make an educated decision. At eDivert, we have a prospectus and also provide financial projections and other information to help prospective franchisees make the right decision. We also run a discovery webinar and put people in touch with some of our existing franchisees before starting the sign-up process.

2. Look at the numbers

The bottom line here is to understand exactly what you get for your money. Buying into a franchise allows you to start your own business quickly and with the right support. When it comes to the numbers, you need to understand the costs involved in buying and running the business as well as the percentage of royalties payable, requirements for stock to be purchased, and the length or the agreement so you can understand the return on your initial investment.

3. Check the credibility

As mentioned above, one of the main attractions of becoming a franchisee is gaining the support and experience of the franchisor. This is worth delving in to. Your information pack will contain some background details but it’s also worth checking out any individuals on social media – checking out their LinkedIn profile and recommendations is a good place to start. Also, consider meeting with them in person as this will give you a clearer view of their personality and leadership style. They should be open and honest and happy to answer any questions.

4. Understand the commitments

Most franchises will have deliverables that need to be met. It’s important to understand what these are as they effectively become your targets once you are financially committed. Knowing them also shows you where you are in control and have responsibility to grow and personalise the business.

5. Consider several opportunities

When you’re making a financial investment into anything, it’s important to know you are getting value for your money. When it comes to franchises, the best way to do this is to compare several options. Even if you have your heart set on a particular franchise, it’s still worth checking out others to ensure the benefits are sufficient to warrant the investment. This is an important financial decision and so it must be logical as well as heartfelt.

I hope those pointers help with your decision making. If you still feel you need more guidance, why not check out this course, offered by the British Franchise Association (BFA) which covers every aspect of life as a franchisee and will leave you with no doubts as to the reality of it all.

Good luck – starting your own business is exciting and, for many, becoming a franchisee is the start of a new way of life.

3 ways redundancy can create new opportunities

Uncertainty is never nice, but we are currently living a reality where we must face it at every turn. One of the worst elements of uncertainty is a lack of job security and the threat of redundancy. But, whilst frightening and disruptive, redundancy can often be a catalyst for new opportunities.

Here are 3 ways redundancy has created opportunities for our franchisees at the eDivert franchise network:

1. Becoming a franchisee

Approximately 30% of our franchisees have joined eDivert because of redundancy. It’s true that times of economic downturn can be the best circumstances for launching a new business and these motivated individuals have proved it. They’ve grown businesses and created lifestyles that they feel are an improvement on what they had before – and all while the country is in lockdown.

Starting a business as a franchisee is the ideal approach during uncertainty because the business model already exists and there are a lot of supporting factors, such as training, to speed up the process of getting yourself established. So, for those with the appetite to succeed, joining eDivert is an opportunity they may not otherwise have come across.

2. Increased need for outsourcing

Firms may be cutting costs but that doesn’t always mean they can do without the resource entirely. A common approach is to reduce the size of a department and then outsource some of the work. This means the job gets done but with reduced costs of employment.

Because eDivert offers exactly the sort of support services that businesses may be cutting back on, we have found we’ve gained more business opportunities as the trend towards outsourcing grows. It’s easy for us to offer the services at a saving to the businesses because we don’t incur the high costs of premises and employees which means better opportunities all round.

3. Take back control

For many of us, the sense of not knowing what’s in store is worse than the redundancy notice itself. During the pandemic, we’ve all lost some of the control we had. We are, albeit temporarily, not able to make decisions on many aspects of our day-to-day life or our future. Taking back that control by consciously deciding to start your own business can feel like an enormous relief and, if part of a voluntary redundancy programme, can also pay dividends. Redundancy settlements can be used to invest in a franchise and are an excellent kickstart for a business which you can then build and grow on your own terms, alongside a lifestyle with a much better balance.

If you’d like to find out more about the opportunities available with eDivert, please click here


The eDivert franchise: A diverse network

At eDivert we believe that diversity is of the upmost importance for our franchise network to ensure that franchisees can make the most of their business.

Read the full article by clicking here.

How to buy a franchise?

Edward Studdert-Kennedy from the eDivert Franchise Network explains the most common steps to buying a franchise

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A flexible business to business franchise talks to Kim van Dongen, franchisor of answering service eDivert about how she set up the business and what it offers franchisees.

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Meet the eDivert team

Our discovery day is a great opportunity to meet the eDivert Team and hear the experiences of an existing eDivert franchisee.

Find out more.

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