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🌟 Unlock the Jo Jingles Symphony: A Franchise Opportunity Awaits! 🌟

Meet Jo Jingles, the maestro of joy in children’s activities! Jo, our charismatic character, orchestrates learning into a symphony of success, turning every moment into a delightful melody of fun and development.

Founded in 1991, Jo Jingles was born out of a passion for filling the musical void in preschoolers’ lives. Gill Thomas initiated local classes that struck a chord, leading to the franchise’s establishment in 1995. Now in our 29th year, Jo Jingles stands testament to the power of passion, music, and early childhood development. Join us in celebrating the journey that started it all! 🎵

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Step into the magical world of Jo Jingles, where each session is a vibrant story of learning and joy! Our well-established educational program, fine-tuned since 1991, dances seamlessly with the curriculum, ensuring every beat aligns with developmental milestones. Our age-appropriate classes cater to diverse needs, led by experienced and passionate teachers. Our term-based schedule harmonises structure with convenience, offering a perfectly orchestrated plan for parents and franchisees. From regular morning activities to weekend wonders, we bring the rhythm of joy to every corner.

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At Jo Jingles, our franchise family is as diverse as the melodies we create. We welcome individuals from all walks of life, valuing the unique perspectives and experiences each franchisee brings. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or embarking on a new adventure, our training transforms you into a successful Jingler. Our inclusive package not only provides the tools for success but also celebrates the unique qualities each franchisee brings to the melody. 🌟🎶🌈🎶

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Transform Your Passion into Profit with Jo Jingles! 🎶✨
Are you looking for a fulfilling career that lets you balance work and family life? Dive into the rewarding world of Jo Jingles, where you can make a significant impact on children’s development while enjoying the flexibility and earning potential you’ve dreamed of.
With Jo Jingles, you’re at the helm of your success:
– Work Flexibly: Choose your hours, from 35 to 45 a week, to fit your family life.
– Earn Generously: Unlock earning potentials from £35k to £150k a year, based on your dedication and drive.
– Make an Impact: Contribute to children’s growth and happiness through music and movement.
Join a community of passionate franchisees who are not just building their careers but are also shaping the future, one jingle at a time. Your journey to a high-income, impactful career starts here.
🌟 Be Your Own Boss
🌈 Inspire the Next Generation
💼 Harness Your Potential
Discover the rhythm of success with Jo Jingles. Let’s create harmony and prosperity, together!

Our Commitment: Training, Support, Success, Growth

Jo Jingles Launch Support:
– Site visit support, business guidance, and operational assistance.
– Franchisee Support
– Training for teachers
– Internal operations training
– Access to curriculum-focused session plans
– Business growth support
– Ongoing support through visits, continued assistance, and conference opportunities.

Our Proven Structure Allows For:
– An engaged network for mutual support
– Operational and business support
– Teaching observations
– Business guidance
– Administrative support for emotional attachment and franchisee impact.

Jo’s Commitment to You:
– Continuous support and expert knowledge
– Dedicated individuals for business growth, operations, class structure, and performance
– Expanded offerings for multiple revenue sources
– Marketing support: access to intranet and nationwide materials
– Annual conference opportunities to celebrate the network’s success

Shared Commitment
– Partnership for mutual success
– The embodiment of Jo character
– An established brand and network
– Unwavering support and training
– An opportunity for all.

– Franchise fee: £6995.00 (with a payment plan option)
– Working capital: (£600.00 – £1000.00)
– Total investment: (£7995.00)

*Ready to create your symphony of success? Visit our website for more details!* 🚀🎶

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Dorothy Mallon – Glasgow North


What was your journey into franchising?
When my first child was born, I found myself deeply engaged in the world of Jo Jingles classes, cherishing every moment we spent together in these sessions. During my maternity leave, I embarked on a journey to explore various franchise opportunities, searching for the one that resonated most with me.
How did you come to make the final decision?
As a mum, it felt like fate when the opportunity arose to buy the Jo Jingles franchise in our area, right where we were already loving the classes. It just seemed like the perfect step to take.
How did you know you had come to make the right franchising decision?
From the moment I first reached out to Jo Jingles head office, the professionalism was evident, which immediately instilled a sense of confidence in me. Having been a participant in the Jo Jingles classes for two years, I was already familiar with the business’s structure. My background in music, dance, and working with children meant that everything seamlessly fell into place.
How did you secure finance for the franchise?
For three years, I diligently saved up, all the while exploring various franchise opportunities, including those from competitors. It was a thoughtful journey that ultimately led me to choose Jo Jingles.
What are your tip top tips for navigating the legal side of things?
Securing a competent accountant and honing your skills in financial management and profitability are crucial steps. My background in business played a significant role in my ability to effectively manage staff, oversee recruitment, budget efficiently, and drive sales.
What advice would you offer to anyone thinking about joining a franchise?
Embrace every piece of advice you can gather and make it a point to visit classes in person. This will ensure that you’re making the right decision for yourself.
Anything else you would like to add?
This role offers an exceptional work-life balance, particularly beneficial for those of us with young children, as it easily accommodates family schedules. Every day is vibrant and filled with joy, making it feel less like work and more like fun—aside from the administrative tasks, of course.

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