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Turn your love of music into a career

Looking for a more rewarding career? Kiddleydivey allows you to turn your love of music into a career you can be passionate about.

Kiddleydivey - dancing girlsKiddleydivey gives you a career with lifestyle, financial and emotional rewards. We support you every step of the way in your new business venture because we know that changing your circumstances to set up on your own is a huge step. You will utilise our proven business model and turn your love of music into a profit.

Kiddleydivey is fun, engaging and entertaining. We offer music sessions to the elderly to promote socialisation, memory engagement and mobilisation. Our music classes for children are designed to be educational and promote development. Our franchise opportunity gives you the chance to build a business whilst turning your love of music into a profitable and rewarding career. We support and train you to forge a business that you can be passionate about whilst helping others in the community to live happy and fulfilling lives.

I wanted to be able to do the school run every morning and most evenings. I wanted to be able to work 3-4 days a week so that I would still have time to spend with my children. I knew how much money I would need to earn every month and Kiddleydivey lets me achieve that.” Eve Whitmore, franchisee since 2014.

Pitch perfect balance

When you become a Kiddleydivey franchisee, you benefit from:

  • A proven business model
  • Large exclusive territory
  • Proven lead generation
  • Training and ongoing support
  • High income potential
  • Low start-up costs

Kiddleydivey is a fully flexible opportunity which allows you to grow the business as you wish and work hours which suit you, all whilst earning a significant income. The Kiddleydivey business model allows you to perfect your work-life balance; many of our franchisees joined us in order to free up more of their time to spend with friends and family.

This is a unique opportunity to work with children and the elderly and to provide a valuable service in your local community as there is a huge demand for motivational forms of educational and therapeutic music sessions in the UK.  For all ages, music promotes movement, activity and socialisation. These elements are important in improving the quality of life of the elderly and vulnerable. Music has a huge impact on assisting the elderly with memory recall.  Music is equally as important in the growth and development of children.

“I was really impressed with the Kiddleydivey business model and I felt it was something I would be able to do quite easily. I liked the fact that the business had been going for a number of years and had a proven track
Kathryn Drane, franchisee since 2015.

Business knowledge off-key?

Are you ready to turn your passion into a rewarding career? You may be ready to take on your next challenge but are unsure about how to set up a business. We provide you with everything you need to fine-tune your skills and get your business off the ground as quickly and successfully as possible.Kiddleydivey - elder music

Our training covers:

  • Overview of the Kiddleydivey business and marketplace
  • How to set up and run your business
  • Technical training
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Administration and reporting

Our support doesn’t stop after you’ve completed your training. We’re available for telephone or web support whenever you need it. You’ll be learning on the road as well as in our training, so we know you may need our help from time to time. Don’t forget that you can call on your network of fellow franchisees for help too! They may have had similar experiences and will always be happy to help.

In harmony with you

Kiddleydivey is a great opportunity for individuals who are looking for a fun and rewarding career.

By pairing their skills with our support, guidance and business model, we can help our franchisees hone their skills so that they can build a flexible business and future for themselves. Franchisees utilise our brand and proven business formula to provide a much-needed service in their local communities. This is an ideal opportunity for motivated individuals with the desire to build a profitable business and utilise their interest in music to build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

If you’re ambitious and motivated to build a successful business, we want to partner with you. You will need to have an interest in music but you don’t have to be able to play an instrument. You must be able to sing and enjoy working with both children, the elderly or perhaps both – depending on which franchise package you choose.

“I wanted a flexible business to work around my family and that I felt confident I could run. Offering a great and rewarding business was important to me, along with the opportunity to bring in a substantial salary to support my family,” Ann Elliot, franchisee since 2015.


Kiddleydivey franchise


Financial Information

Due to the varied nature of our business, we provide three franchise packages:

  • Children’s music franchise £5,997 +VAT
  • Music for the elderly franchise £5,997 +VAT
  • Complete package (includes both of the above) £8,977 +VAT

4_topstoryKiddleydivey would like to introduce their new Franchisee Eve Whitmore. Eve has recently joined the Kiddleydivey Franchise team covering Shropshire and mid-Wales and says…

Setting up the Kiddleydivey franchise was incredibly easy! I had a couple of conversations with Sally and then I arranged to go and meet her to watch a session in practice. This was really important for a few reasons; I was able to meet Sally and gain the confidence that she would be able to support me in future, I was also able to understand what was involved with a Kiddleydivey session which gave me the confidence to believe that it was something that I would be good at. I went home and did some research locally to see how many homes were in my area and I also picked a few at random to sound them out. Everyone I spoke to was at least willing to allow me in to provide a free session and I knew that with a foot in the door, once they had seen a Kiddleydivey session in practice we would be hard to turn away.

I told Sally that I was keen to get started and so she forwarded me the contract and happily went back and forth with me over any points I needed clarifying. The next thing was to go down and spend the week with Sally getting my training. The training week was invaluable. Not only did Sally teach me the aspects of the day to day running of the business, the sessions, the music and the theory but she gave me the confidence that I too would be a Kiddleydivey success.

When I got back home Sally made me feel like I was part of the Kiddleydivey family and I never felt out of sight, out of mind. We still talk regularly and text or email a couple of times a week. Sally is always there when I have any queries about any aspect of the business or if I need to pick her brains.

Every single home I rang was willing to allow me to offer them a free trial session. In my first two months I saw 52 homes each with a free trial. To date 41 separate homes have arranged for me to come back in and they are split pretty evenly between booking either monthly, bi-monthly or on an adhoc basis. I believe that the effort put into those 2 months, seeing as many homes as possible is a major factor in my success. Sally always said that she had an exceptionally high conversion rate from her free trials but I was concerned that I (with my complete lack of experience) would do far worse. I my head I had though if I achieve a 50% conversion rate then I’m doing great and instead I am hovering nearer to 90%. Interestingly the ones who have said no aren’t saying ‘no never’ they are just saying ‘not this side of Christmas’.

I am so thrilled with how the business is running and by March I expect to have visited all of the homes in my area. In fact, if I keep up the current conversion rate and spilts of monthly versus bi-monthly versus adhoc I wont physically be able to meet demand without taking on a member of staff!

“Kiddleydivey visit our pre-school bringing their inspirational music session, energy and enthusiasm…their music session encompasses the EYFS curriculum and helps the children to meet many of their developmental milestones. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

D.T. Nursery Manager, Chalfont Pre School

“We just wanted to say that we think you are fantastic. All our residents love you. You never fail to get the residents up and dancing and having a great time. That is testament to you. It is a real pleasure to work with you, that’s why we have got you booked in 20 times this year and when you are around you certainly make us all feel good.”

Elderly Care Home

“We have been using Kiddleydivey for some years now. They are very passionate and caring people with what they do. Our residents absolutely love them; you can see the smiles on the faces as soon as they come into the room. For those residents who cannot hold instruments they are involved by encouraging them with singing and giving them face to face contact. One resident in particular does not stop dancing from the time they start until they finish. They make everyone feel special with their cheerful encouragement. Even the staff cannot help but get involved.”

Dementia Care Establishment

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